So for a while I really liked Hiroyuki Suzuki’s tricks, then Iori Yamaki, but now I am going through Takeshi’s tech and it is incredible so I am torn between the draupnir or the palpitation

Just get either. No yoyo in the world will make you play like any of them. It doesn’t matter which one you get. Get the Draupnir if you can find one and you like light yoyos. Get the Palpitation if you can find one and you like more solid yoyos. Done.

Get an arctic circle 2 so you can play like Zach Gormley. Then get a Gans 357 and solve it as fast as Feliks Zemdegs. A yoyo will not make a noticeable difference in play styles, especially it they are near the same size.

I dont think the yoyo will make me them, I’m just saying it would help develop the style

You can get none that’s always an option. :wink: