Talk me down from YYR Sputnik ledge

Ok, I need help. I’m ready for my first YYR and the Sputnik size and weight look perfect… But… Geeze, 230$? I don’t really need to be spending that much on a throw. Also I read that it was raw… As in not blasted or anodized. So…

1.Cool paint job? = nope
2.Cool blast/finish? = nope
3.Size/weight = perfect
4.Shape = perfect
Price = a lot

So… I’m 50/50 on it. 2 vs 2. Which for the price ain’t good enough. But… I want… So bad…

I have two voices in my head. One that wants it. One that doesn’t. The one that doesn’t keeps saying things like, “maybe wait a few months and they’ll release some proper annodized and finished ones.” The other voices says, “yeah but I bet it plays soo good and you could have it now.”

I need help. I should have made this a poll.

Raw yoyos are handy to have around for if and when the next great ano artist hits the scene, but with the weight rings, I don’t believe you’ve be able to get it anodized after the fact.

Go for a Puffin 2, bi metals are completely over rated. The specifications are very similar. A huge increase in price for a slightly better play? Not worth it IMO. I got to play a Sputnik when I powder coated one for some one, I felt it was completely hyped up. Not enough better than a Puffin 2 for you to spend the extra 100.

YYR typically doesn’t do much at all for blast finishing and anodizing. They have some, but very few and far between. So just a heads up on that.

Also, I think it’s good to have at least one raw yoyo in your collection. Splash anodizing definitely has its own great look, but nothing is more catchy to the eye than a raw, polished yoyo.

No one can say what something is worth to you, but what I always do when I have an extremely tough decision is flip a coin. Either side it lands on will tell you what YOU actually want.

All surprisingly genuinely helpful for such a relative thread question.

I’m still on the fence but have climbed down from the top. I already have a Puffin2 and love it. One of my daily throws for sure.

My motivation is purely hype. I recognize and acknowledge it. It’s a dumb reason to purchase anything… Im afraid I have the shinyitus disease… Of all the YYR offerings this appears to be the one for me. I will probably end up with one at some point but for now… My wallet is safe.

Thanks for the advice all.

Huge YYR fan, but not quite sold on the Sputnik yet. Price was higher than the raw Draupnir and Laser releases, and i’m holding out for an ano’d version.

Just get a Nobunaga.

Although that might cause you another problem. You will literally have to use Drain cleaner to wash the smile off your face.

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Would it be safe to assume that you like it yoyodoc? :slight_smile:

Agh I already wanted one so bad. And now its even more tempting.

It’s a $230 Yoyo.

That’s a freakin’ ridiculous price to pay for any yoyo when there are so many great options for far less.

At that price, you should consider whether you are just paying for prestige.

My advice: steer clear of it, don’t get suckered into getting one by anyone here.

Just realized you said you’re not getting one. Good move.

Nobunaga, when I saw it I thought, “I bet it plays great.”

But it’s not my preferred diameter, width or shape. I don’t really like the look of steel on the outside. It’s not the one for me. But I’m sure it plays fantastic!

I hear you GlenK. I have developed a rather healthy collection. All Onedrop, GenYo and CLYW. They all play great. One is better than the others - GenYo Amplitude A Grd. It is smoothest and most balanced. Point is, from the most expensive piece to the least expensive piece, they all almost play with same quality - except that one GenYo… And that one did not cost nearly 230 bucks.

Have you looked at the leviathan 6? It’s also bimetal and anodized along with being in a similar spec range. I’m also a big fan of the sOMEThING Angle for smaller throws.

I suppose you can anodize the catch zone of a sputnik if you mask the entire cup.

Just get an FG Dazzler.

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Funniest post in this thread, lol

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It’s $200 from the source… Which while still overpriced for not being ano’d isn’t outrageous for a Japan-made bi-metal…

A Draupnir is kinda like Sushi. You are overpaying for something else that isn’t even cooked.

Raw aluminum yoyos have little value on a performance scale. Various finishing degrees: blasted, basic raw, satin, polished ,highly polished, etc., they all can have certain levels of appeal to certain people. But raw aluminum is very low on a performance/functional advantage scale.

Regardless, when you consider yoyos, you have to decide whether your view considers: performance, visual impact or a combination of the two.

Saying a certain Yoyo is not your favorite: diameter, shape, weight, can be very limiting.

Sometimes yoyos completely outside your dream parameters can play, feel way better than you ever thought.

Don’t get stuck in a spec rut.

And you don’t have to pay more than 90 bucks for a high performance Yoyo.



The Draupnir is like Sushi because you either love it or you hate it