Best Yoyorecreation throw?


I’ve been in the market for a new yoyorecreation throw. I was lookin at the mr. Butcher or the stargazer. I have also been looking at the messiah as well. However wht hesitates me is the vibe they might have. What yyr throw should I get?

(2Sick Joey) #2

All the models they offer are great! They are dead smooth out the box as well and haven’t had any problems with any of mine. So you shouldn’t hesitate at all. I say pick whatever is in your preferences or appeals to you and you will not be disappointed. My personal favorite YYR is the Overdrive. It’s big, fast, light yet spins forever, stable and all around perfect. However like I said just choose whichever one you like and it will be amazing.


They’re no more or less prone to vibe than any other throw. Just make sure you line the axle up correctly before screwing it together and, as with any other throw, try to avoid taking it apart all the time because this will eventually wear out the axle threads. As for a recommendation, they’re all pretty amazing throws and YYR have a model to suit pretty much every taste as far as play style goes. What size do you prefer? Do you prefer speed, rock solid stability or a bit of float?



I prefer a bit of float and my prefered size is around 53-56 ~. I was looking into the stargazer, mr. Butcher or the glepinir.


Ive heard good things about the sleipnir :slight_smile:

(2Sick Joey) #6

I think the stargazer would be a good choice for you. Sounds like what you would like. The gleipnir is solid and kinda big. The Mr. butcher I haven’t played but I have one on its way too me. I say stargazer though


Stargazer fits the bill just fine. Haven’t played a Mr Butcher or Gleipnir but I’m expecting them both at my doorstep tomorrow.



Please do tell me how they are :D. I’ll be awaiting your responses, I may have to get more than 1 if necessary!


Oh, it’s never more than necessary to have more than one YYR. It is, however, highly desirable :wink: I’ll be sure to post some thoughts but in the meantime, I suggest checking out the YYR Appreciation thread for a lot of discussion and opinions on YYR stuff.