High end throw (YYR, TP, Sturm Panzer)

I’ve been looking out for a high end throw such as a turning point, yoyorecreation, and sturm panzer. I want this throw to be the last one for a while.

My worries with Yoyorecreation is that it will start to vibe if I unscrew it or bump it hard on the ground/ ding it. Is this just mentioned because they don’t want to be blamed for people being careless or is it really this easy to cause their $150+ yoyo to vibe?

Turning point seems good but I’ve heard they aren’t quite up to par with yyr. Do you agree with this or do they preform just as well?

Lastly, Strum panzer. Their yoyo looks quite cool and I hear it has great spin times, but can anyone compare it to the other companies’ yoyos.

I’m leaning towards these (mostly bold ones):
Yoyorecreation: Triplet, Mr.Butch, Gleipnir, and Sleipnir
Turning point: Prominence, Positron, and Solenoid
Sturm Panzer: Stealth Ogre

Just tell me anything you can about any of these throws. Thank you.

i’ve only tried turning point, the solenoid, and its fantastic in my opinion, very stable with great spin times

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If those things worries you i would get an Irony JP. It plays like a 200$ YYR with the price of a New Avalanche.

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I can tell you that the Sturm Panzer is just incredible. If I felt I wouldn’t get massively berated for it the word incredible would be underlined, in bold, maybe in all caps and a larger font. I have limited YYR/TP experience, but I have some nonetheless. I own a Gleipnir, a Z-ON, a Maxbet, a Proton and have played a Positron. In my opinion the Stealth Ogre obliterates them. The only one that comes even close is the Z-On which I also really like but the Stealth Ogre to me is just a cut above. It’s not the most comfortable throw, it doesn’t grind well, it looks a bit funky, but it plays like a dream. Stability and spin time in my opinion are off the charts, and it’ll happily hop and pop (although only through reasonably large gaps cause it plays large :wink: ). How many are in stock? - Buy them all, while you can.

See - a nice unbiased comparative review, what more could you want?

Sorry I just wanted a little addendum at the bottom here, both the YYR Z-ON and YYJoker Eternity are awesome too if you want something a little more conventional.

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Thanks, the stealth ogre was the one I was most interested in. Glad to hear you like it so much slowyojoe.

Can anyone confirm how easily yyr’s can be damaged and start to vibe.

Also, more responses on these companies/ yoyos will be appreciated. As of now I’m leaning towards buying a stealth ogre.

Thanks again.

I’m a huge yoyorecreation fan. I own a sleipnir, gleipnir, clash 2012, and acrophobia. They all play incredible and are worth their price. Now you were worried about vibe. It really depends on the throw. My clash can has been unscrewed many times and still remains dead smooth. However my acro, gleipnir, and sleipnir all have slight vibe when unscrewed. None of the vibe can be felt on the string and can barely be felt at all. If you are worried it will affect the play of the yoyo you are wrong. The vibe really doesn’t affect anything. I also love many of turning points yoyos. I would recommend the positron, maxbet, and solenoid. I highly recommend the basilisk when it comes out. I tried one and it is incredible

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I should add that I don’t know what happens when you unscrew a Stealth Ogre because I don’t overly fancy taking it apart, but I know from discussions with another forum member that it’s not entirely trivial to get back together appropriately because there are no axle ‘stops’. We both agree it’s worth it though!

Nothing to stop the axle…
Wouldn’t that make it extremely prone to stripping?

I am not that much of a YYR fan, but I can tell you is that they make high quality products. The specs on almost all of the models do not fit in my range so I do not have that much playing time on some models.

The ding issue is east fix. My beater is a code 2. It has seen more dings than you could even count on your hands, toes, and your friends hands. It still is smooth as glass.

Good luck!

I’m not sure I understand why that would be case - I don’t know if I described this correctly but I guess what I mean is it doesn’t have an end point to the axle thread: I think you could screw the axle all the way through the yoyo if you wanted. This shouldn’t make it more prone to stripping though, as long as you don’t try and tighten the yoyo with the axle on one thread on one side, and sticking out like crazy on the other. It also (for what it’s worth) has a titanium axle I believe. Now that on the other hand could cause some serious strippage if you happen to be particularly violent when putting the axle in.

More input needed. I really like the looks of the prominence, solenoid, or stealth ogre.

You guys have anymore help to give?

YoyoRecreation is my go to brand. At this point, I own a Gleipnir, Blink, 6, and a Fragment.

You cannot go wrong with anything in their lineup. I wouldn’t recommend the Mr.Butcher as a first YYR though. It’s more of a fun-feeling throw than an actual competition 1A yoyo, and it’s geared more towards 5a.

I’d say get a 6, but the specs deviate from what is usually normal. The Gleipnir is your best bet.

As for vibe, I have unscrewed my Gleipnir countless times, and I’ve hit on hardwood a couple of times. It still remains glass-smooth and plays great. My 6 and my fragment are also like this. Incredibly smooth.

The Blink has the slightest of slight vibe, but that’s because most of the Blinks, E=mc^2’s, and Overdrives were prone to vibe. Just those specific models

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Alright kids, after looking at theses yoyos for a while I went ahead and bought the sturm panzer STEALTH OGRE!

It seemed that, from listening to the people who have used it, they’ve found it to be their greatest and strongest preforming yoyo. The person who won me over the most was slowyojoe. I’m excited.

I promise you won’t regret it! If for some crazy wild reason you don’t like it you can trade it to me! Hope you have lots of fun. And if you’re not hyped up enough read yoyo geezers excellent review of it!

Alright, thanks man. I bet I’ll have tons of fun with it. And haha I’ve read his review already a couple times and that was also a deciding factor for me to buy it. I’ll maybe try to add something to his review in 5-14 days. Can’t wait!

Have fun with the ogre, it looks great!

I just wanted to add my two cents, that YYR is amazing. I have a Stargazer and a 2012 Clash, both are my smoothest throws, they play absolutely amazing, and I got them for much less than the retail price, through the B/S/T. I have had no issues with vibe caused from unscrewing, both have been unscrewed tons, and are still smooth as butter.