LF: Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre (full size)

Must be in excellent condition and completely smooth, no vibe. Don’t care about the original box, etc…, that came with the retail package, I’m good with either.

Looking for the full-sized version.

Let me know if you have one for sale.

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Just a heads up but I’ve had 10+ Sturm Panzer throws and not one of them was perfectly smooth. They tend to try new designs and not care as much about vibe.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep that in mind!


I have a question of you. Before the question, there is certainly nothing wrong with looking for a perfectly smooth/no vibe yoyo… that is what you ‘want’.

I have literally a short ton of yoyo. Obviously I don’t throw them all the time. But most of them I have thrown over time. I lace my own Motorcycle wheels because I like them really smooth. I balance my own car and truck tires(at work) because I like them really smooth. I can tell when something isn’t smooth. I can go to a picnic and point out the nervous flies.

In the hundreds of yoyo I have thrown in the last 24 years, I would say about 10 percent I would consider
Amazingly smooth… and that has to be at least a few thousand yoyos.

I have not had 10+ Panzer yoyo… but I have thrown several. None of them were 'perfectly completely smooth/vibe free. I personally drew the conclusion that the Sturm Panzer folks were more tuned into High Performance play using a whole lotta rim weight and spent very little time being concerned about absolute smoothness.

…Sorry about the lead in explanation, but I wanted you to know where my mindset from experience comes from… Now, on to the question>

Have you ever owned or thrown a Sturm Panzer that was dead smooth? Or maybe you already have a few and they are dead smooth?

Or, is a dead smooth Panzer your Grail yoyo?

I have one down at the shop… I am going to go find it just to refresh my memory about its’ degree of smoothies.

I will edit this reply if I can find it.

regardless, good luck in your quest…

Even if not by design, there must be one out there that if nothing else, came out smooth by pure accident, I would think.

And if it isn’t dead smooth, what would that do? Beware of ‘princess and the pea’ syndrome. Having said that if dead smooth is what you want then there is no harm in asking.

A heads up that Sturm Panzer often have disclaimers that particular models will have vibe and this is true of the Stealth Ogre.

I don’t have a Stealth Ogre for sale but I love and collect Sturm Panzers.

What are you specifically after?

If it’s the aesthetic, then I suggest the newly released Pakfa Type-82. It’s an updated variation of the Pakfa, which is very similar, but slightly smaller than, the Stealth Ogre.


Pakfa Type-82
61 grams
Diameter: 51 mm
Width: 41 mm

As for the Stealth Ogre specs. That’s tricky. There are two major versions of the Stealth Ogre. The capless original (v1.0 or v1.4) and the mirror-capped Mk2.


Stealth Ogre
68 grams
Diameter: 57 mm
Width: 42 mm

Stealth Ogre Mk2
66 grams
Diameter: 57 mm
Width: 42 mm

There is also the Eclipse Ogre. Which is very similar to the Stealth Ogre but in green or pink.

Eclipse Ogre
67 grams
Diameter: 58 mm
Width: 41 mm

I have about ten of these “Ogre-esque” yoyos. I just went and tested most of them. All of them have vibe. The least vibey, though, was definitely the Pakfa Type-82.

Sturm Panzer makes yoyos that play well. What’s truly impressive though is that they do that under couple of unique and creative artistic restrictions.

First, the company is an homage to YoyoJam. The colors and designs are frequently based on old YYJ yoyos. Second, most of the yoyos are featured in a fourteen-series manga about a world where yoyos are used as weapons. The owner of Sturm Panzer wrote this manga himself and had it professionally illustrated. He jokes that the yoyo is actually a bonus that comes with the manga.