Sturm Panzer Stealth Ogre: A High Speed YoYo Review


Sturm Panzer is a new company out of Japan that has developed a creative way to market their product. Instead of JUST making a yo-yo, they have created an entire narrative to weave around the release complete with an accompanying story book shipped with each yo-yo. The results are some truly creative descriptions for a yo-yo, for example the Stealth Ogre that I am reviewing today is described as:

After reading that I had to give the Stealth Ogre a shot. The people at Sturm Panzer have said that this yo-yo is the beginning of the story with other models to follow. Lets see if this first chapter will grab the community’s attention or if it will have them returning the book to the shelf.

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Nice review Saintrobyn.

While I have to agree with much of what you said about the sharpness of the rims, and the insane spin times, I would suggest you take a stab at tuning that vibe out. I realize you were graciously loaned this YoYo, but I wrestled with the same issue when I first opened mine as well, and found that I was quickly able to tune out that vibe by simply moving the axel a tad. I’ve never seen a YoYo go in and out of tune with such a small and subtle adjustment, but that’s just the way mine works.

Once I removed the vibe, I found it to be a sensational YoYo. I, like yourself, look forward to trying version 2 of this model only to see if they addressed some of the issues you wrote about.

I only hope they are listening to their end users.


I did try tuning it a bit and I was able to lessen the vibe but it was still there.

I have to say I had quite a bit of fun with this yo-yo despite the flaws, it has mad potential. I would love to try the Sniper. It looks to have a much more comfortable feel to it while keeping the brass that allowed for the Ogre’s insane spin times.