SY-001 Stealth Ogre






Weight: 68.7g
Diameter: 57.37 mm
Width: 42.32 mm
Construction: 7075 Aluminum with Brass Weight rings.

Price: $169


This is the new, innovative Stealth Ogre, from Sturm Panzer. The design is the work of Kasumi Hino, of defense contracter Marshall Industry. It is just one the latest example of the current trend towards multi-material yo-yos that is currently gaining momentum in Japan and elsewhere. Other examples are the Anglam, Berserker, Phenom and the YoyoJoker: New Double Joker. These yoyo designs combine multiple materials to achieve performance otherwise unattainable with a single material. The yoyo also comes with a polishing cloth to shine your brass to its showroom gleam; as well as a cool comic/storybook which, unfortunately for me, is in Japanese. I wish I could read it. The artwork is nice though.

The SY-001 Stealth Ogre, consistes of a thin 7075 aluminum yoyo shell with machined brass rims that fit the curve of the catch-zone to position the bulk of the brass weight just behind the outer rims; fitting over the edge of the aluminum like a glove. I was apprehensive about the idea of fitting brass weight rings over the outside of the yoyo. I was afraid that even the slightest mis-alignment would cause perceptible vibe or even worse: wobble. My Stealth Ogre quickly put those fears to rest with a perfect fit and finish that spun to the length of my string with smooth precision.

The Stealth Ogre, has a Titanium axle, that is threaded through the yoyo. I am not a big fan of though-axle design. I feel it is not only cheap-looking, it has the potential to cause problems with balance and mis-alingment of the axle and the two yoyo halves resulting in vibe of even stripped threading. Instead of laser-engraving, there is a sticker that reminds me of the cheesy sticker that YoyoJoker used to use.Since Sturn Panzer is a new company, however, I would rather see them focusing in on innovation than fancy laser-graphics; so I give them a pass on this aesthetic aspect of the yoyo itself.

I have a very old wooden yoyo from the UK cica 1960 - that is wood with Steel rims covering the outside like a tire. I knew from experience that this combination would prove to be almost gyroscopic; creating a ferocious spin that was potentially dangerous. Thankfully, the combination of the relatively dense 7075 is not so easily overpowered by the denser Brass. The result is a surprisingly nimble yoyo that has a powerful spin and stability second to none.

This yoyo loves to spin. Yeah, I know - all yoyos like to spin. But this one just never seems to lose its momentum. The only thing that slows it down is my sloppy play that slaps the string against the soda-blasted aluminum walls of the inner catch-zone. Honestly, if it were not for that, I simply become bored watching it spin endlessly. Hops are easy with the brass-rims keeping the yoyo straight as a arrow. Clipping an elbow or the odd, loose sleeve usually causes the spin to deteriorate. Not this yoyo. The occasional bump or graze of fabric is simply ignored by this beast as it swings effortlessly though its paces. While the Ogre is nimble, it is a relatively large yoyo; so its maneuverability must be judged in that light.

As I mentioned before, the brass weight rings are positioned on the edge, but they are a shell, not a fully-solid chunk of metal; so this yoyo is nimble for its size an weight. If you own a YYR Gleipnir, you have something of a sense of its play. It is deliberate, powerful, but certainly not overwhelming. Taking its strengths into account, this yoyo will give you the spin-time you need to finish even the most challenging combo. Not competing? This yoyo will also give you extra spin-time to practice that long-combo you have yet to master. Indeed, one of the striking aspects of this yoyo was putting it down. I found myself becoming impatient at the spin and strength of mere mortal yoyo’s like the Code2, or the Arctic Circle. They seemed almost… plastic, after experiencing the awesome power of the Stealth Ogre from Sturm Panzer.


Nice Review…

I’ve been interested in that YoYo since I first layed eyes on it. I naturally had several questions & concerns about the materials & construction. Not to mention I have personally never heard of the company that produces it.
This review did a great job in addressing all the questions & concerns I had.

Great Job. :wink:

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I’ve been recently looking into, perhaps, purchasing this yoyo and wanted to know if you’d recommend it over the glepiner? It looks sweet, just wanted to know which one was more stable. Thanks.

Excellent review!

I’ve taken every opportunity over the last week or so to spread the Stealth Ogre word. This yoyo is phenomenal. I was given this as a gift, I requested it actually because I wasn’t sure that I would simply go out and buy one for myself because although it looked good it seemed like a bit of a gamble. Especially when you consider that you are paying YYR prices which are considered tried and true. How disappointing it would have been if I hadn’t picked one of these up. It has revolutionized what I expect from a yoyo. I cannot agree more with YoyoGeezer about the fact that after you put this down every other throw you use in the same session seems just a little bit hollow because it does not keep up with this brass ringed monster. I was equally impressed with how well it is prepared to hop around. I thought maybe it would just sit at the bottom of string and I’d confine it into the BTH class of novelties (however excellent in their own right), but it is more than happy to flow, nay fly in some cases, through string tricks. I have already picked up a second, and if I could find some funds may well just fill a case with them (this is only partly a joke).

Anyway, a fantastic review, covered everything I would have said with a great deal of eloquence. Now go buy some (note how I don’t say buy one).

Is there a finish on the brass rings or are they prone to tarnishing?

That is a great question; one that was on my mind when I bought it. I know that brass can have a “brassy” smell after a while, so I was nervous that my hands would smell like brass every time I threw it.

The brass rings are unfinished, but they do not have that brass smell to them that I was expecting. After throwing it with sweaty hands, the rings do begin to dull a bit from the shiny gold that they have out of the box. Thoughtfully, Sturm Panzer has included a Brass polishing cloth that restores the shine easily (just the brass, not the ano). I leave mine dull because I am lazy.

I will follow up the above review by saying that this yoyo has remained one of my favorites since I unboxed it. It i so unique in its feel and the performance is just off-the-charts for spin and stability. It is a joy to play. I can’t wait to see their next release.

I know this is likely complete overkill but I’m storing mine with a little bit of desiccant. I don’t expect it to make much difference, especially when compared to the water and oils on your hands when you throw, but I hope it might elongate the lifespan of the clean brass a little (it’s encased in a box, before everyone thinks I’m a complete muppet :wink: - a bit of muppet is fine though)

I have two questions. How fast can it go? Is it good at horizontal?

There is one worrying have and it is touched upon in the review… the rings over the rims.

While this one is perfectly aligned how is the rest of the run? You hit it on the head, any small misalignment will cause issues. Also how do they hold up against a good smack against a hard surface? All played yoyos eventually take a good hit. It isn’t an issue on a normal yoyo, you get a ding but it still plays well. Depending on how these are attached, one good wallop could severely impact the overall play.

One good wobble could severely impact play on any aluminum throw. You would have to hit it REALLY hard to do that much damage.

Very true, but in the case of a “normal” yoyo it would take one heck of a hit to introduce a vibe or wobble. Weight rings add an extra point of potential failure in a design. Again this is not an indictment against the Ogre, more a concern I have had with weight rings in general.

Great review YoyoGeezer, you should make more. This yoyo has intrigued me very much since I laid eyes on it.

I like a lot of aspects, and there are some aspects I don’t like.

I think it’s really great that you addressed some of the things that could be less than desirable. Most people tend to ignore the negative aspects in reviews. In this case, it showed honesty no b.s. and it certainly put most of my “dislikings” to rest. For instance, the sticker and the ‘through-hole’ axle. Never been a fan of the hole look in the hub, but, I think I could overlook it for this one. And you’re right about the sticker being more “ingenious” rather than some fancy gimmicky engravings. I thought the “Version 1.4” was kind of funny, made me chuckle.

Purple with brass rings, maaaan. Fantastic. Looks so beautiful. Dang, I hope I atleast get to try one of these some day. I would probably buy one, but I get too worried about the “alignment of the weight rings” that is a popular discussion. I guess I will wait until I hear some words about how well it can take a hit. It could be the “glass jaw” of the yoyo, if you know what I mean. I have no doubt it can take a hit, but I need to know for sure, first :smiley:

This is a great point. I have been very meticulous, when throwing this yoyo, to avoid damage. I play only on padded carpet because of the fact that brass is so soft and bendable. If you ding this on concrete, the damage could be more significant than with Aluminum rims because of the material on the rim.

One point to make is that the brass rings fit over the curve of the yoyo. Therefore, the thickest part of the ring is precisely where the yoyo would hit the ground. I would think that deep gouges would happen before the ring itself, would actually bend. Also, keep in mind, the brass is supported by a 7075 shell - which is a higher strength alloy than most.

If I ding it hard, I will post my experience (after I finish sobbing uncontrollably for an hour or so…). Anyone else done any damage?

Scaremongers, everyone of you, to the last man! Now I have to take a trip to Ikea and find a really thick pile rug. And that’s just for the walls! :wink:

Another very good point. One thing I have noticed is that this yoyo sells out frequently. This implies that they are made in small batches to match demand. That, hopefully, contributes to quality control. I can say that mine has held it’s smooth-precision to this point. I do not know about the experience of others.

Geezer, I know you probably don’t like me… but you can let me borrow it… I’ll give it back, I promise :smiley:

Loan out my yoyo? Never! I have negative reputation to uphold. :slight_smile:

I bought one after reading this thread, and I’m sure glad I did! This is one of the best throws I’ve ever played, and I have a fairly nice collection. Incredible spin times with an unique “floatiness.” Very unique as well. I may try to pick up a second I like it so well! Highly recommended.

The first one I picked up was a present from my folks, and they purchased the last one in the run (or at least in the batch at the shop). Once it arrived, I knew I’d have to have another one - they seem to go out of stock frequently - YoyoGeezer commented that they seem to be made in small runs. I just have this fear that I’ll damage it and not be able to find another one. I still can’t stop playing it. I’ve had a good week for yoyos arriving to me, and everytime one does I play it for a while and then as a comparison I throw the Stealth Ogre again. It’s great for putting things in perspective!

You make the most important observation about the Stealth Ogre - it is a very unique yoyo. That is the biggest selling point to me right now. Unless you have one of these, you have nothing that plays anything like it. If you are a follower of yoyo design, or even a successful designer in your own right, you need to try one of these.

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