Sturm Panzer SY-002 Leo Sniper

This isn’t a full blown review, just thought people could post their opinions here as i think a few people ordered these.

Just gonna do this in quick bullet form as i’m tired, but wanted people to know about the Leo Sniper before they sell out again. It’s also sold as the YoYoLaboratory Style, although the Leo Sniper is the same price($160) and imo looks better and is a more compelling package overall.

Weight (g) 66.5
Diameter (mm) 55.95
Width (mm) 39.83

  • Super interesting design. D-bearing, brass weight rings that make up almost 50% of the mass of the yoyo, 7075 body, narrow, but not overly so.

  • Came with an off-brand concave bearing(i.e. not a Dif-e-Yo KK), but that doesn’t really concern me as i’ve never noticed an appreciable difference between $15 KKs and $2 chinese concave bearings. Stock bearing was super smooth and literally silent, the kind of quiet that usually accompanies an over-lubed responsive bearing, but it wasn’t responsive, although i suspect a cleaning wouldn’t hurt, but didn’t bother me or seem to hamper performance.

  • Nice packaging. Comes in a nice clear box with all sorts of labeling that probably says interesting stuff if you know Japanese. Also comes with a pair of IrPads(not installed, has another unknown set of pads pre-installed), sticker, and 25 page manga(Japanese only).

  • Sturm Panzer’s whole thing seems to be about this backstory and mangas and characters and such, probably easier to follow if you know Japanese, but still a pretty interesting concept, and it all seems well done so i feel like it’s a value-add, especially if you can read it, but even if not it’s pretty fun to look at.

  • Long story short, i feel pretty safe in saying that this is without a doubt the best D-bearing yoyo ever made(Fragment and Uragment in an extremely close 2nd). Even if it had a C bearing i’d say it was one of the top C-bearing yoyos made, but in a currently-limited D-bearing market there’s seriously no contest.

  • D-bearings are awesome, i really enjoy them. I feel most of the animosity towards them is due to older narrow-gapped and overly-responsive designs that would lead to them biting you unexpectedly, but i believe this is a design flaw and nothing to do with the bearing. The feel of spin they impart is seriously unique and the way they bind and return as well as their stability is quite different than the standard C.

  • If i had to compare it to another yoyo the first thing that comes to mind is the yoyorecreation Triplet. The shape is slightly similar, although the Leo’s shape is more interesting, but in terms of width and overall feel in the hand they’re similar. On a throw they’re quite different with the Leo of course being quite a bit lighter and quicker due to weight and bearing, but probably the closest comparison i can think of. Similar to the Triplet it’s basically all catch zone, so the slightly narrow width isn’t a hinderance at all, and actually really welcome when doing tricks that require cutting through close segments. I don’t play 3A, but if i did this would be the ultimate yoyo i bet.

  • Stickers in the hub. I thought these would be super tacky and i’d instantly peel them off, and to be fair i am still curious what’s underneath and how it would look without them, but i actually like them. They’re super high quality, perfectly centered, have unique graphics, and a nice glittery sparkle effect that looks great when spinning. They’re that kind of domed, thick, curved, almost squishy sticker, which is much better than a 2D sticker would have looked.

  • Play. I’m bad at yoyo reviews and words are terrible at describing yoyos, but it’s everything you’d want a high-end yoyo to be, and honestly even at $200 i’d think it was fairly priced. The best thing about it is how unique it is. I mean in a world of what feels like hundreds of yoyo companies, this is a yoyo that offers a package no one else comes close to. The weight rings give it stability and spin that’s just extraordinary, which when combined with the D-bearing makes it feel seriously fast, but not in the fast point A to point B way, but fast as in you can just feel how quick and strong the yoyo spins. It’s also really stable, binds like you’d expect and is just great. I dunno how to describe it, but i own and have owned nearly every high-end yoyo there is for the most part, including every YYR save some protos i haven’t tracked down yet, and on first throw the Leo made me say “wow” out loud, like a weirdo.

  • To any manufacturers reading this, take note, i ONLY bought this because of the D-bearing. Like i said it would be a great C-bearing yoyo, but i own a YYR Draupnir, which imo is the finest C-bearing yoyo ever made, so i probably wouldn’t have shelled out $160 for this otherwise, but D-bearings are unique, and rare, and amazing, and a market that imo is about to blow up, so i’d really like for more companies to look at either releasing small bearing versions of their current throws, or design modern D-bearing yoyos that really play on the strengths they offer.

  • Anyway i think Sturm Panzer are a company that’s about to become super popular. The Stealth Ogre was crazy unique and had tons of praise(although i haven’t had the good fortune to play one, but will hopefully grab one in the future), and in a world of yoyos that are all so similar they’re one of the only companies that leaves me genuinely excited about what they may release next. Design, price, play, their whole package is on point.

Would definitely recommend anyone grab one if they’ve been thinking about it. Last time they released they sold out within a few days, they’re still in stock as of this post, but i suspect once word gets out they might disappear for a bit again. If you’re tired of the same ol’ 56x44 67g C-bearing cookie cutter yoyos, then give the Leo Sniper a try, it’ll definitely surprise you.

I hope to post some more comparison impressions as i play with the Leo Sniper and my other yoyos some more, and will add those to this thread. This turned into a lot longer post than it’d wanted, ugh i’ve become everything i hate, apologies, anyway enjoy.


Super to hear thoughts from a Leo Sniper owner. Your “mini” review is very thorough; I love it.

You echo many of my thoughts about purchasing this yo-yo. The D-Bearing is a really unique touch these days and with the spin on this yoyo, it should really compliment. I bought mine last week and am waiting impatiently for the postman already. I think you hit it right on when you say that this company is exciting. You review has made me even more excited to get mine soon.

PS. Also have a Draupnir on the way. Your description of that has also made me drool. Its going to be a LONG week of waiting…

So, more so like a heavier Attune?
The specs seem much closer to that!

Dang. The description sounds like attune size and attune rims. Fragment guts and catch zone. And the weights.
Sound super tasty…

This is soooo wrong. I’ve been looking forward to this bad boy for months, then during the first pre-release thingamy I was on holiday so I didn’t pick one up. Now, when I’ve finally purchased one, I have read this review, and am now home with a delivery attempted notice, but no throw. And to top it all off, I’ve got the darn early shift tomorrow so I can’t pick the wretched thing up until Wednesday. Sometimes life seems so unfair :wink:

Is this thing smooth or vibey? On YYSR they state that it might wobble, lol.


I read that disclaimer too. I am interested in feeling what they might be talking about. Sort of sounds like “speed wobbles”.

I find it pretty darn smooth. Maybe a smidgen of vibe on grinds like a lot of yoyos, but certainly nothing more. I’ve opened it and swapped out bearings and noticed no difference. Definitely typical Japanese over-caution imo. They sell Outlet models in the Japanese store for 8,800Y, i imagine those might have a bit of vibe, but definitely no issue with mine.

I just recently bought one of these as well, However mine did not come out of the box without vibe.
It took a few minutes of tuning, and a considerable cleaning of the bearing to rid it of the vibe. There is still a slight,… ever so slight amount of vibe left, which I feel mostly on grinds but otherwise I love this YoYo.

It’s certainly one of my favorite small bearing throws for sure.

BTW: Great Review NathanC

OK, so I got mine finally today. I haven’t thrown it for that long but already I can tell I’m going to need to pick up another one. It really is terrific. I mean, I was sold initially on the D-bearing bit anyway, but it plays great. It has such a different feel to the Stealth Ogre as well, which is really cool - it’s not just some evolution of the same design/feel. Great review. Really enjoyable yoyo.

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I finally received mine and have been throwing it for two days now. Awesome throw made even better with the sweet D-bearing.

The thing that strikes me is how similar it feels to the Ogre on the throw, but the Leo’s speed and agility is much better. They have certainly reduced the 7075 part to a shell. You can really feel where the weight is concentrated because of the extreme contrast between the weight of the brass rings and the minimal 7075 yoyo-shell. The Leo is much more about performance than the Ogre was. It is much more elegant and refined on the string and is much more maneuverable in the air.

All in all; the Leo is a tamer beast. Like the Ogre went to finishing-school.

I think a heavy Attune is a good way to put it. It feels like an Attune when it moves but it hits the bottom of the string like a Stargeyser.

Well DANGGGGGGGG that wounds beastly

We are STURM PANZER, Yo-Yo brand of Japan.
Thank you for your review of SY-002 LeoSniper and SY-001 Stealth Ogre.

STURM PANZER’s “Soldier”, Shinnosuke Maekawa.
Shinnosuke won the freestyle division only Finger-Spin(TOP-ON) tricks by SY-001 StealthOgre.

Shinnosuke also will be used to Leo sniper, Finger-Spin(TOP-ON) last for 1 minute !

It is misunderstood each time.
Response pad installed on the initial is IrPad.
Sickness is only 0.5mm, so you is mistaken.

Rather than making a Yo-Yo, what we really want to do thing to complete the storybook that Yo-Yo appeared.
To be honest, Yo-Yo itself does not matter.
But our “STURM PNAZER STORYBOOK” is only Jaoanese.
We will release of the English version by next year, please wait patiently !!!


"The 21st century’s new form of combat: Yo-Yo Fist. Since the Stealth Ogre incident in 2013, team Sturm Panzer was disqualified from the league, and won’t be present at the competition in 2014. But the dissolved team has turned their sights on a comeback in 2015.

Sixteen year old prodigy Kyoshiro Aoi was scouted by defense contractor Marshall Industry, and given their new prototype, the Leo Sniper. As his teammates, his schoolmate Reita Sugo and Kasumi’s old schoolmate Gouki Hiura were chosen.

Before his first match, Kyoshiro is already receiving a warm reception by the masses, with the enthusiastic Reita bringing up the rear. In the distance, Kasumi and Gouki sneer at their young teammates. What new developments will the 2015 season bring? What are these players’ true potential? And what is the Leo Sniper’s “Counter Grendade?” Stay tuned to find out!"


"In 2013, the 21st century’s new champion yo-yo league “Yo-Yo Fist” entered its 6th season, and team Sturm Panzer was ready with the Stealth Ogre, a new yo-yo designed by Kasumi Hino, of defense contracter Marshall Industry.

At its core of the design, Kasumi integrated the control system dubbed “bio spinner,” which is meant to create a direct connection between your brain and the yo-yo, giving you superhuman control during play! Once the Stealth Ogre hit the scene, Kasumi’s team turned its luck around, and the Stealth Ogre was the engine that fueled its comeback."


That was rather edifying !..

Didn’t see that coming.

‘We are STURM PANZER yoyo brand of Japan’

Yeah well

THIS IS Sparta… of America


I agree I totally wasn’t expecting that :slight_smile:

Another thing I was not expecting is how absolutely fabulous the bearing is in my Leo. This bearing is fast, silent, smooth and a pleasure to play. Is it some kind of special bearing? Ceramic?

I would like to know if others are having the same experience?

I definitely have the same experience. I’m not sure what it is but it makes me :slight_smile:

What I find funny about this is what Sturm Panzer has to say about the bearing.

“*Sturm Panzer would like to point out that the included bearing is a non-brand model, and for better results you may want to switch it out for a different bearing like Dif-e-Yo’s Konkave bearing.”

I have a no-name concave bearing that came in my Sleipnir from Japan which is one of my favorite steel bearings. I wonder if the bearings are made by the same people?

every time this thread bumps back to the top with new posts, I reread it, and wait ever more impatient as my Sniper and Ogre slowly make their way from Japan.

Argh. I am jealous of you guys posting about how they play.

Well, I got mine yesterday, both the Leo and the Ogre, and all I can say is, “Wow!”

These spin so much more stably than my TPs, which seem to be my most stable throws. For a noob like me, this extra stability is welcome when trying to learn new tricks. I really like them bot, quite a bit.

I’m still playing the generic bearings as well. Can’t wait to try them with some nice bearings.