Sturm Panzer SY-002 Leo Sniper

Just a heads up: IN STOCK

SY-003 Schneider

The saga continues…

:slight_smile: Do you have yours on the way? I really like the look of this one!

That dude’s finger spin in the second video is ridiculously long! :o

What video?

This one

Holy crap…


Not yet, I have been spending too much recently.

I was hoping one of you guys would take the plunge…

Just a heads up, the SY-002 Mk II just got released. Go get one. Now.

lol, gotta love Sturm Panzer’s post

“we no care about yoyo, all we care about is yoyo MANGA!!”

Dat weight. Was trying to thin my collection down to YYR but man a 62g, bi-metal, D-bearing yoyo might just be heaven.

Honestly, every communication I’ve seen from them is bizarre. Yet they produce stunning throws. I think it’s because they are so adamant they don’t care that they can be outrageous and if it doesn’t work they can say, ‘well, we’re only making manga anyway’. Fascinating. Or of course it’s a marketing ploy. Pick one :wink:

From what i can tell Yoyo Laboratory makes the yoyos for the most part, although possibly with some sort of direction or design criteria from SP, then SP creates their manga and other associated stuff, but not sure how much they actually have to do with the production, which seems to be working fine lol.

I was able to place an order for the Sniper MK-II despite the fact that their countdown timer was not at zero yet…Curious, but the order did go through. I just received my confirmation email.

Me too. Odd.

Hoping these will be in stock for at least a little bit… If I decide I absolutely love the Stealth Ogre and Schneider I got in the mail today I may need to pull the trigger on this Sniper too. I’ve never played a D Bearing but I love small bearing and I love light throws.

Early reactions are that the Stealth Ogre may in fact be my new favorite yoyo ever and that the Schneider might be the best yoyo I own but I’m hoping I can get some of the vibe out of it

Hi, we are STURM PANZER from Japan.
New SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-2 was powered up speed, spinning and stability than Old Leo Sniper !

By the way, it’s Halloween soon.
If you get to the SY-002 LEO SNIPER MK-2,
You is advantageous when you get up to Halloween…!!!

There are reviews of customers can be found.
Please ead translate and read.

Sorry. our English is not good, there are some questions that we can not answer.
We would like to answer the question that we see well in this forum.


There is an important notice first.
STURM PANZER’s MANGA is only Japanese.
But,we plan to deliver the English version in the Web from 2014.
(STORYBOOK is only Japanese,sorry.)

Martial Arts with a yo-yo “Yo-Yo Fist”,
Conspire to try using as weapons the yo-yo “Marshal Industry”,
The superman of the human by direct connection to the brain and yo-yo “Bio-Spinner System”,
Friendship of Gouki and Kasumi they are 29-year-old men and women is “Eclipse Ogre”
Kyoshiro is a hero of the story, he uses “Leo Sniper”.

Please wait patiently and its translation!

2.Relationship with YOYO Laboratory

We have designed their own STURM PANZER products.
YOYO Laboratory is drawing our design and ordering to the factory.
Assembly and quality insection is part of STURM PANZER.

SY-003 Schneider has arranged the SY-001 Stealth Ogre by YOYO Laboratory.
SY-002 Old-Heavy-Leo Sniper was the OEM of YOYO Laboratory.
But, New-light-Leo Sniper MK-2 is made and arranged ​by STURM PANZER.
STURM PANZER cooperate with the YOYO Laboratory in the future,
but it does not anymore OEM by YOYO Laboratory products.

3.About bit vibration

Structure, Bimetal yo-yo is easy to feel the vibration.

Vibration-prone SY-003 Schneider in particular.
Vibration is less likely to occur SY-001 Stealth Ogre and SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-2 opposite.
Both product specification.

There is no unpopular for vibration of STURM PANZER products in Japan.
Even if you feel a vibration, then there is no difference in that STURM PANZER product is one of the strongest of the yo-yo.
Do not worry!!!

  1. Upcoming

SY-004 Eclipse Ogre-Luna
SY-005 Eclipse Ogre-Ray
SY-006 Scneider - Blade attack mode

and more …
There is also likely to change because it is expected.

STURM PANZER’s MANGA until complete,
We will continue to work in the future.
Thank you for your support!

The word last thing.
It is advantageous when you have to get up to Halloween who want SY-002 Leo Sniper MK-2!

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Mk ii already winding towards me. So excited. But, even more exited to see the other models named and outlined through to 7! So good!

I love these guys. :slight_smile: Also Sturm Panzer thanks for linking this thread on your Teitter account! Made me feel appreciated. Might have to grab a MKII now while they’re still on sale. Such good yoyos, super excited to see what the future holds.

So I just got my MkII through. And I would honestly trade off one of the originals for this update, even after about only 50 throws. Of my Sturm Panzer products I threw the Leo Sniper the least. Not because it’s a poor yoyo, but just because I didn’t know what it was supposed to be. It was a revamped, more traditional shape than the Stealth Ogre, but still a bit bulky in terms of weight, and just not as in tune with what I was expecting.

The revamped version is a perfect juxtaposition to the Stealth Ogre, and EXACTLY what I want this throw to be. I think this mostly comes about from the weight reduction - which is pretty dramatic in this MkII. Now, the shape/weight ring combo produces a lightening like, stable freak of a yoyo. The play is smoother, more refined, and a more unique yoyo in its own right. Yeah, really superb. I think the loss of weight is what this shape was crying out for, and I normally prefer heavier throws. But this is a serious performer, and for those of you looking for an off the hook Japanese throw that has serious serious speed and agility, now you can look no further. Ironically, I don’t think this is so far from the Draupnir in play. There. I said it.