Sturm Panzer is a Japanese yo-yo company doing some really innovative things. They focus on light weight multi-material yo-yos and have produced some of the highest performing competition-ready yo-yos on the market!


The Leo Sniper MK-II is a bi-metal design with a 7075 aluminum body and brass rings that make up over 50% of the overall weight. And the overall weight? Under 60 grams! This thing is light, fast, and plays unlike anything we have thrown!

The light overall weight and heavy rims of the MK-II pair perfectly with the size D bearing it was designed around. Most companies have moved away from D size bearings, but Sturm Panzer has found that they are the perfect fit for their style of yo-yos. The Leo Sniper has a really fast feel in play without sacrificing any stability or spin time. The size D bearing gives it a powerful spin and a really unique feel.

If you like competition geared yo-yos that play extra fast with some next level spin time then look no further, the Sturm Panzer Leo Sniper MK-II is for you!


Like the Leo Sniper MK-II, the Schneider MK-II is a super light weight bi-metal design fitted with a size D bearing. It is composed of 7075 aluminum with stainless steel rings fitted on the rim.

The Schneider MK-II is 100% geared for competitive yo-yo play. The straight v-shape profile and rim heavy bi-metal design make it a complete monster on the string. It plays as fast as any yo-yo we have ever thrown and holds stability and a powerful spin through any speed combo you can come up with.

If you like to play fast, this yo-yo is exactly what you’ve been looking for!


Sturm Panzer wanted to make a yo-yo that would thrive where more undersized yo-yos fail, and the Pakfa does exactly that! If you threw this yo-yo blindfolded you would swear it was full sized, maybe even oversized!

The steel rims on the Pakfa weigh in heavier than the 7075 aluminum body. The broader rim design helps distribute the weight more evenly and gives the Pakfa the superior stability and spin time that you feel right from the first throw. The smaller size makes it easily maneuverable, yet it still plays fast with a powerful spin and solid feel on the string.

The Pakfa is one of the few undersized designs that we wouldn’t be surprised to see in a competitive setting!


The Yukiko is a cool hybrid design with a 7075 axle hub that wraps around the rims and makes up for most of the weight of the yo-yo. The gap walls are machined form POM plastic and there’s actually a hollow area between the two materials to reduce the overall weight of the yo-yo.

The more organic shape of the Yukiko gives it a more relaxed feel in play. Although it’s still a speedy player due to the low weight, it feels relaxed and when compared to other Sturm Panzer models.