Sturm Panzer SY-002 Leo Sniper

Happy Halloween!

Thank you for posting your impressions of Leo Sniper MK-2.
STURM PANZER will work as a sign commodity for the 2014,
Leo Sniper MK-2 and “Eclipse Ogre”.

Old-Heavy Leo sniper is discontinued.
People who have one, please cherish.

By the way,Today is Halloween.
If you get to the SY-002 LEO SNIPER MK-2,
It is advantageous when the get Halloween By the end!

I want this so bad now…

Hahaha, I love the broken English being busted out by these guys, it makes me chuckle.

They make some beautiful throws, and as time goes on I’m becoming more and more inclined to pick one up…

Sigh went to go order a MKII and the discount isn’t working anymore. Nooooooo…!!!

The discount is still showing in my cart? Unless it’s taking your discount away later on in the checkout process or something. I was having a problem with the discount showing like a week ago, maybe just try refreshing or something.

A further update, the YoyoLaboratory Style is now available. This is the OEM version of the Leo Sniper. I have, of course, ordered one; and gently urge you lovely people to do the same. Once it arrives I will be reviewing the Leo MkII, with a comparison to the OEM and original versions.

Saw these on Twitter. Look interesting!

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Is that the eclipse ogre?

^^^ SY-004?