YYR advice?

Howdy. So, yeah. Can you guys keep a secret? Yes? Ok, good. I kinda want a YYR.

Anyway, I find it kinda hard to tell them apart. People seem to like to know preferences before giving recommendations…but I’m a little hesitant. My preferences are based on what I’m used to…and that might not be what makes a great YYR. So, anyway… 54-56.5mm, 41-43.5mm, and 66-67g. Reasonably comfortable in hand. Grinds aren’t terribly important.

I’d like to know if there’s one “quintessential” but still in production YYR. Or if not, a couple of good examples.

So thanks. Take care. Feed your pets.


I still have not found the sweet spot in the yyr line up.

If looking at stats, they are either undersized, or over sized.

I did find out that they play a lot different then what I expected with the stats. My suggestion is to try and find someone with a yyr and try before committing. They are a little expensive, and are one of the best brands out there. Good luck on your search!

Sounds like a stargazer V2

If I had to assert that there would be any quintessential YYR it would have to be the Sleipnir. Iit almost fits right in with your given preferences at 57/43/65. They’re also fairly common as far as YYR goes, so you can probably snag a good deal on the BST with relatively minimal effort. Or if you’d like something with just a bit more heft to it, the Gleipnir has basically the same physical dimensions but 68g and a more rounded profile. I was surprised at how comfortable the Gleipnir is in the hand. I think you’ll be very pleasantly surprised if you try either of those throws. Good luck on your quest my friend! Hope you’ve got some backup funds just in case you get the fever like I did :smiley: