Metal, V Shaped, Under 100 dollars


I like fast play by the way.

(UmeNagisa) #2

Duncan metropolis.
Super nice V shape
Nice cheap price tag.
And KILLER fast.

The Mo-vitation also looks good.
I hear its like a smaller faster Berserker RX at half the price


Thanks. How is the speed freak by SPYY?


Strix for $35 off the BST can’t be beat imo…

(UmeNagisa) #5

Man I would get it.
But it really isn’t a V shape.

And no idea about the Speed freak. But I’ve heard its great!


Any other suggestions?

(SlimJoe) #7

Werrd Hour?


C3 makes some awesome throws, and most of them are v shaped and under $100. Just to list a few, there is the Yeah3, Dark sonic, movitation, and others.


I am sellin’ one of those for way less than $100…


The Destiny by Godtricks is a very fast v-shape, but the response pads it uses are kind of weird. They’re the same diameter as the standard 19 mm CBC pad, but double the thickness. I also second the Metropolis.


The C3 Yeah3.

Or the Zeekio Core + 10 ball bearing.

Or the Yoyojam Meteor


^ This

C3 makes some very awesome throws, most of which are less than $100. If you are looking to buy the throw completely brand new the dark sonic, yeah 3, and movitation are something to look at. The movitation is one of the smoothest throws I’ve thrown and its very speedy and I prefer it to my Berserker Rx. It plays about the same, maybe a bit faster but the small size is what makes it better IMO. If newness isn’t a factor, comb through the Bst and look for some C3 throws. You can find some very cheap with little or no damage done at a very discounted price. I got a H5xChief for $55 shipped because it had one scuff, which really wasn’t all that big. I also got a mint Capless for $25 shipped.


CZM84VK. Heard it’s better than the Mo-vitation!


I can answer this as I own it.

Plays amazingly smooth, speedy, pretty good spin times. Love the engravings and is what it’s called!


Yoyo officer aura.


I would reccomend getting a Dulce. Nice and aggresive shape. My main right now.