Whats an affordable "V" shape yo?

I have a Vosum V4 thats ok,and a WERRD 2K13 thats really awsome.
Would like some suggestions on that shape.
I really dont want to spend $100 as I still am learning.As we all are!lol!
I do have most shapes.I prefer the V shape.

Can you be more specific about what is affordable to you?

30… 40… 50 bucks?

Give a top price still considered workable for you.:thinking:

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About $50 give or take 10bucks.

Benchmark V

The Benchmark V shape is a good option. Some cheaper options you could look into are the C3 Railgun and the YYO Quash.

Spin Dynamics Spark. $50 right here on YYE, from what I see, all are splash colorways.


2016 Benchmark V, pure V-Shape profile with Side Effect axle system all for $58.

The Benchmarks are awesome. I don’t have a V, but I have an O and a W. Really high quality throws. Made in USA and everything.

I really like my Duncan Echo 2. For $25 its outstanding. I know its kind of old, but its a nice V shape and it plays awesome.

First 3 that come to mind are:
Duncan Origami (a little bit of stepping)
YYF Aluminum Dream
c3 Railgun

Duncan Echo 2 is a smooth V shape. And for $50, you can add the Duncan Stryx that is similar. Both on sale here. Good Luck!

Peace… - Woody

C3 Accelerator

Benchmark V and The new Duncan Origami.

The Horizon is a V shape right?

It probably plays differently from the others you have too.

Oh yeah! And the kilter 2 is great!
Slightly smaller but not lacking in power!

Would the Kilter 2 be considered V or H shaped? I always considered anything with a step on the catch zone like what is found on the Kilter 2 to be an H shape, but I could be wrong.

Ive been eyeballing the 2016 benchmark V. I really like the shape. If I were you I I would make that happen. I had the 2014 V in the YYE colorway. It played great and looked amazing but I didn’t like the shape. I like a straight V shape. I only payed $45 for it mint so maybe you can find one of those if you have to stay under $50.

I was looking at those,but dont need to buy it new.
I can wait for a decent deal.

Duncan Origami is a great throw for its price.
Second option is Benchmark V-Shape.

I’d say C3 Railgun or one of the Rebellions by Kengo.

I don’t know. It’s kind of a grey area for that one IMO.

It could be considered an H I guess, but a very small one.

Maybe a lower case h? :smiley: