Benchmark V Help (looking for new throw)

So personally, I believe I have become a experienced player in terms of yoyo knowledge. But this time I need some help! So my two most favorite throws are the kilter 2 and the benchmark V (previous model) I have thrown the new model and I just am not a huge fan of it. So my question is what would be the next best thing to a bench mark v (old model) but plays a little differently (maybe $45 and below but any future recommendations would also be helpful too) and what would be the closest thing to a merge between the old benchmark V and the kilter 2? (looking for mainly a V shape) Thanks!

(any price not over $100 for a merge but again any recommendations are helpful!)

Cruise out.

Here’s a few that I think might fit what you’re looking for:

Awesome thanks Garrett!

I have a bunch of high-end throws and I always come back to my C3 Accelerator. I have a 2015 benchmark v and i do like it a lot, but if I had to choose I’d pick the Accelerator. No experience with the Kilter.