Cheap V shape yoyos

Hey guys!
I’m looking for a cheap yoyo I can buy 4 of easily to be beaters.
1A 3A 5A over concrete and not feel bad ya know?

I already own Hours, so please don’t suggest that.

I’d prefer not undersized more mid to oversized. And not too wide.
Not too picky about feel. Mainly shape and size haha

Also! They MUST be available on YYE

Thanks guys!

C3 Di Base sounds like it fits your preference.


Hmmm looking back now. I owned a few. It’s good. But had some… Awkward wonky ness to it I didn’t like

How cheap? I got a few yoyo’s in mind, but I’m sure you could guess which ones I’m thinking of :wink:

Cheaper than 85 preferably!

ALSO! They don’t have to be Vs
Hs and things that are lower walled and have a nice substantial weighting to em will be considered!

Dude, get 4 N12’s. Lol. $56.

If I had an extra, I’d send it to ya to give it a test drive.


Specs please?

Weight (g) 67.58
Diameter (mm) 55.00
Width (mm) 44.00
Gap Width (mm) 4.62
Body Shape Butterfly
Body Material Aluminum 6061
Surface Bead blasted
Bearing 10 ball KK
Bearing Size Size C (Large)

Get a four pack of PSGs.

Eh. Not a big fan

Thank you. Mediocre-at-best yoyo with low price being a vaguely redeeming quality.

Inexpensive V’s, eh? Heard good things about God Trick’s Bounty Hunter.

How inexpensive are we talking here?

less than 85 or so

try yoyoofficer their yoyos are the best v shape.

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As i stated in the Initial post, id prefer it to be on YYE

oh um c3 alpha crash,yyj phenom, yyr diffusion.

phenom?! that things expensive XD

If you want to keep it to yye, then the capless would be the best bet. If you wanted metal of course.

Outside of yye, n12. I have one, and played every magic yoyo. It is their best model yet!

May end up getting the N12 actually…

It’s soooooooo good

Phenomizm is pretty phenomenal, the Chaser is fairly V and dirt cheap as well.