Cheap V shape yoyos

recrev 33 1/3 or TA1

Phenomism, N12, or T5.


Shinwoo Techno 2. $10 each and surprisingly good.

Yyj chaser

XCon Pro. Are you talking total ad up to 85 or each under 85?

Xcon Pro plays 5a great. Long spin smooth and V shape. 55

The Metropolis. V shape. 46

Asteroid. 12.99
PSG (but scratch it you hate it)

Under 85 preferably.

Adegle plastics… Feel so terrible to me.

Xcon is nice! I own one haha!

Metro… That’s one I need to look into

The Something V anyone?

If you don’t go for that I say go for the capless, best budget yoyo I’ve played to date.

-facedesk- THE V OFC XD
HOW did I miss that?!

Hmm, I don’t know.