yoyo recommendation

i want to plan ahead for my birthday on may 15, i like v shapes, something around mid-sized to full sized, good for 1a and 5a, at least 90$, i do want the yoyo to be form an asain companys( c3, yyo,godtrick ect) but other companys are welcome, delrin or metal, weight at least 68 grams, needs to be grindable, if the yoyo you reccomed is espensive and i like it i will find it in BST.

thanks for your help

The true V-shaped yo-yos that come to mind are:

SPYY Pro or Supra (juuust heavy enough)
YYJ Phenom (lighter than you want)
Lots of C3 V-shaped options

Man there are a lot of yo-yo companies out there, those just came to mind first. And there’s lots of interesting variations of “V-shaped”. Of the ones I listed, I’ve only played the Pro. They are all more than reputable, so none will be bad.

I had been eyeballing a Phenom that YoyoGeezer was selling for cheap… looks like a beauty.