New yoyo recomendation

I have a grindmachine and im wanting to upgrade to a metal yoyo. Less than 100$

There’s a LOT of stuff out there for that price range. Maybe help us out to narrow it down a bit?

If you’re into V-shapes, the C3YoYo DiBase, H-Spin Corli Prototype and ILYY VOID are all nice ones in that I have.

One Drop makes the Burnside and Cafe Racer, but they are vastly different. I think the Dietz is right in there too as is the MarkMont Next, which are also great in their own rights. I have these so I know. Well, I don’t have the Burnside YET… but thats an issue between me and the seller and everything is cool with that.

The SPYY Ronin I just got is nice, but it’s narrow and dense. It’s good, but not my favorite style. I don’t recommend that one, at least not yet.

CLYW ain’t happening for the most part. Maybe some Fools Gold stuff, but that’s about it, assuming it’s in stock.

YYF makes some neat stuff. The Superstar is just $99.99, but I’m looking to spend more to get a Made in the USA Blue one. It’s stacked, but so is the Genesis + and G5 that I also have my eye on in that range.

If Square Wheels releases their Royale soon, the solid colors are in your price range and I’d recommend it.

C3 YoYo Design also has the Dark Star and Winning Bird in your price bracket, at $99.99 each. These are two I’m considering. Again, I like the V-shapes.

The RecRev Oscilatrix might be something to consider. I am considering it, but it’s not on my high priority list.

YYJ has the Eneme, which is nice, but requires a really perfect throw. If you’re not perfect, you’re gonna hate it. If you’re dead on, you’re gonna love it. It makes you work harder, but for that, you can get the same performance out of the XCon Pro and save money. I have both, they are great, but man, they will kick your butt and force you to improve so you can get your reward!

I have the dv888, it’s nice and all, but it’s nothing amazing. I do like it, I carry it around.

You might also consider the Shinwoo Zen’s since they are all in your budget and I hear they perform amazing for the money. Another one to consider is the Duncan Maverick.

Confused yet? Good. Have fun figuring stuff out! $100 can buy you a LOT of yoyo, and depending what you choose, maybe pick 2 not as expensive ones to have some variety, or get a decent $50+ metal and some other less expensive fun yoyos to carry around like a Starbrite, PSG or Asteroid.

thanks for your response its pretty helpful