help selecting a yoyo


anybody know of an unresponsive yoyo 50 dollars or under?


plastic grind machine by yoyofactory



legacy. great yoyo too. 25 dollars


any metal ones???


Mighty flea (not recomended) or duncan metal zero…


There’s the One Drop M1 if you’re willing to give 10$ more…
For around 40$ you can get some great YoYoJam yoyos that aren’t full metal like Dark Magic, Hitman, …

(yokaiyo) #8

DM. great yoyo $45 metal rims. My favorite



Im gonna have to agree with this.


Here are some excellent choices:
Lyn Fury: $14.40
Legacy: $22.50 (Good Choice)
Dark Magic: $40.80 (Great Choice)
X-ConVict: $42.50 (Great Choice)
Hybrid Hitman: $40.80

A few others to consider:
Hitman: $40.80
Kickside: $14.40
SpeedDial: $49.99
Velocity: $19.99

NOTE: All prices are based on the YoYoExpert store.