good plastic $30 or under

Please give me your thoughts

Speedaholic, YYJ Classic, or you could get a rally off of the BST.

people, please vote

The Yoyofactory Grind Machine. Its a great yoyo. Also if you don’t want hubstacks the you can get the yoyofactory counter attack. both are around 30 bucks

Speedaholic! It is better than many of my more expensive throw’s.

Magic Yoyo D5 Dark Sprite

You simply can’t find a better plastic under 30$

The Hubstack in like 3 days?

I’m highly doubtful on this one. It’s probably gonna be vibey and light plastics are rarely that good…

Probably. My thought of it is like the next GM2, but hey we’ll see soon

also consider the YYJ classic.

I second this.

Surge Or Trigger Depending On What Shape You Want

MagicYoyo stuff is solid… for budget throws.

but so far … my favorite non-responsive yoyo under 30 bucks… even over cheap metals is the YoyoJam Surge. It’s stable, grinds well, sleeps longer than any combo i can pull off… but i’ll warn its heavier than most people are used to and the only complaint I’ve seen mentioned in reviews. Everything I have thrown after getting the Surge feels “Floaty”.

I think the “It plays like a metal” claim that has been made is very valid.

the problem is… it came out last year and isn’t the new plastic on the block… if you had asked back in July you would have a lot more votes for the Surge.

if all else fails… alway’s take a step back… and just pick the coolest looking one.

I cannot recommend the Duncan Flipside enough. It is so great; and even comes with a legit concave, You really cant go wrong in buying one.

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I’m surprised nobody has said C3 Alpha Crash yet!

I’d go with the Alpha Crash or YYJ Classic with upgrade kit