Cheapest yoyo with hubstacks?


Hey… What’s the cheapest yoyo around that comes with hubstacks/z-stacks out of the box? And is unresponsive? ;D please help?

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I don’t know much yoyos but I THINK it’s the Hubstacked PGM , I don’t know what version it is though.

(Chase Baxter) #3

YoyoFactory Grind Machine 2


No, the Grind Machine 2 retailed for around $100. The first stacked Plastic Grind Machine retailed for $45 and the second Plastic Grind Machine retailed for $30.


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Most duncan yoyos are hubstackable. And they go pretty cheap. But as for cominh with hubs, it’d be the Plastic Grind Machine


The Grind Machine that they have here at Yoyoexpert. It is the second plastic version. It has hubstacks and is completely unresponsive. It is a great yoyo for intermediate to advanced players. It is around $30.00 and is a great yoyo!


Oh okays. Thanks!


mines coming today, cant wait to use hubstacks


Pull starts be fun! XD

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You shouldn’t get a yoyo JUST to use hubstacks…they get in the way of thumb grinds and get old in 30 minutes.


Don’t forget about Aoda yoyos.All metal,and one of the cheapest on the market!


YYF Grind Machine 2 Duh…

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And also kind of illegal in the US! lol :wink:


That is a metal and they don’t make them anymore. When they did they were over $100. I think what you mean is the PGM v2


how come?

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Because in the US they infringe upon Dif-E-Yo and YYF patents on KK bearings and the use of hubstack designs