What are some cheap (under $40) yoyos (excluding the YYF grind machine) with hubstacks

I apologize in advance if this topic has been done previous.

Qixia. $3

No need to start the same topic 3 times. Anyway, check out the Magic Yoyo T9, T10, and N9, all 3 have hubstacks for under 30$, you can find them on Ebay. Or you can look around the BST and find a 888 or something for cheap.

Never tried a T9 or T10 with the hubstacks on, but the T-stacks on the N9 makes it wobble like hell.

Magic Yoyos have Z-stacks, not hubstacks. So, Aoda Sunshine.

The T9 and T10 are sold in versions that have the regular short post stacks and Z-type stacks. The Z-Stack ones are more common. The MagicYoYos DO NOT use an A-sized bearing for their stacks.

Z-stacks are still hubstacks. Madhouse’s Epic, while they call them “TaTa’s” are still hubstacks. The stacks on the Duncan MoMentuM are short types and Z-types(both are included) and are also still hubstacked yoyos.