Advice on a new yoyo


I’m deciding to start my Christmas wish-list a little early. I’ve decided on a budget around 0-90$. I like v-shaped yoyos and have only tried a whip, ONE, and a dv888.

Anything would be helpful!?!?


That is quite a wide range. There are a lot of options to choose from.


Hmm, V-shapes? Me too.

There’s the new Eternal Throw Victory, in a solid color. I think that hits $90.

The Freq. Wave and Facade from RecRev. The Freq. Wave would be my choice to you. More V, more competition oriented.

Not fully versed on the C3 line, but the DiBase and Capless($55 and $65 respectively) would work good.

Phenomizm or Speeder 2 if you’re OK with metal/plastic yoyos.

I"m sure I have other stuff but it eludes me at the moment. I can’t keep it all straight.

If you’re not looking at strictly V shapes, the Square Wheels Royale and Burnside(One Drop) come to mind immediately.

Also, I’m assuming you want ONE yoyo and preferably a metal. If you want plastics, there’s plenty there too. I have plenty of metals that meet your stated preferences though.


I am already getting a freq. wave. I know that for a fact.


I’m also looking for plastics.


C3 Yeah3 is great =)