First Metal yoyo


Hello again guys i am looking to buy my first metal yoyo my budget is 70$. What should i get i had my eye looking at the BOSS but idk i need your opinion please. I like Smooth throws and i want a shape kinda like the boss the 888 something along those lines please send me feedback!


RecRev Facade is a bit above $70. RecRev Freq. Wave, which is unfortunately not available here, is just under $70 and I feel is a bit better.

The C3YoYoDesign Caples at $65 and Dibase at $55 are amazing.

That’s all I can come up with right now.


If you like undersized, like the 888, check out the One Drop Caferacer for 60 bucks.


You could always get a sOMEThING FirMY (which quite literally stands for First Metal Yoyo) :wink:



Go out and find something that looks good to you, it’s really hard to go wrong.


Lol i am not gonna lie i actually had that in mine lol and the cafe racer as well well i have never had a undersixed yoyo its just i want the shape of an 888 or Boss you know what i mean?


well if you like the shape of the Boss and the 888, I would suggest you to find somebody who owns them then ask if they could let you try it out. You already know you like the shape, whats left is just the feel.

Mind what version of the 888 you are testing though. I’ve heard that different runs vary greatly in feel. Some like the old, some the new, some both and there’s neither.


get a Di base it plays reive as better as it’s priced


I picked one up the other day after hearing all the praise heaped upon it. I have to say, I am very impressed with it!



I have the '12 model of the 888 and it’s my daily throw, it can also take a beating. It is crazy smooth and the SPEC bearing is awesome too, by I switches mine for a KK ceramic. I would defiantly suggest it.


the freq wave just got here so check it out


I forgot about the FirMy. It’s great.

Other stuff I’ve recently gotten is the YoYofficer Aura, which at $50 is really amazing. I can’t wait to get more from that brand. It’s not available at YYE though.


Has that web come out yet? How does it play?


If i could get a 888 lower than $100 it would be great and my parents dont trust BST


The 888 is only $45?


If you want lower than $100, see if YYE is going to do a Black Friday sale, or you’ll have to look to other sides for promotions.

I understand your parents’ lack of trust in BST. It’s inherently risky by nature. I’ve never had any big issues. One guy is looking for a missing cap, another guy is shipping forgotten YYF tools for Loop 900s. Other than that, no issues, and those two issues are being addressed and in the process of being resolved. That’s your best bet.


I think you’re thinking of the DV888. Totally different beast.



The x888? I’m not sure what your talking about :stuck_out_tongue:


888, 888x and 888.11 are all different versions of the 888 and are $100+. The DV888, despite having the triple 8 in its name has absolutely nothing in common with them other than being a YYF.



I see. I knew about the dv888 and the x888 and I stumbled on the 888.11 in the last couple hours. It looks pretty sick.