First metal?


I was thinking dv888, di base 2, ir zeekio core. I’ve only got 40-60 dollars. Which one should I get? If you have any better reccomendations, please post.



Well I never really cared for the DV888. I personally like these throws (For your price range):

-Duncan Raptor: Perfect Shape, Size, and weight.
-Zeekio Tempest: Awesome Floaty full sized yoyo pretty good
-C3 Di Base: Awesome undersized yoyo that is awesome for FAST yoyoing

Shinwoo’s line of “Zen” Yoyos is pretty good.


Oh and if you guys know any really quiet metal throws in my price range, can you tell me?


You really can’t go wrong with a Cafe Racer.

Cafe Racer at YYE Store


Thats what I was going to say. Go with the di base. Look at both in this site, I like the shape of the di base 2 ($55) and I dont like the shape of the di base as much (also $55). If you can go $5 more, get the c3 capless, its really good.


Any denser metal in your price range with a lubricated bearing will be pretty quiet. My Capless was whisper-quiet, but it’s a bit out of your range. I suspect the DiBase will be similar in volume.


Ok. I just dont want it to be as loud as my protostar. So that it doesnt annoy my friends and family.


Have no fear. All metals I can think of will be significantly quieter than the Protostar, even with a dry bearing (though for maximum not-ticking-off-your-family-ness I do recommend a teeny bit of thin oil).


Or a One Drop 10 Ball


The trap is the most amazing yoyo i have seen in this price range. i dont really think the raptor would be good. if you made $20 you could get a yeah 3. The best.


My vote goes to the DiBase. I personally prefer the DiBase 1.


Dibase,Dibase 2 and any yoyoofficer will do


Yes, before I traded mine I loved it.

Super Speedy throw