Shinwoo Zen 5, C3 Di Base or DV888


Ok… I’ve narrowed down my options on yoyos i’m looking for a good throw, wide gap and smaller metal.
I know there is no best yoyo but which one would you reccomend ???


Di base all day :wink:

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #3

Look at the specs of all three ,and whichever one is the smaller ,but wider out of the three wins.I haven’t tried the zen five ,but I would choose the Di Base over the DV888. :wink:


I have the dv888 and the DiBase. I am interested in getting some of the Shinwoo Zens but I don’t have a clue which ones I want right now. Let’s just start off by saying I don’t feel YYE would knowingly carry a bad product. We do have to understand that despite any recommendations, not all yoyos are a good fit for everyone.

First, the dv888. At $45, it feels and plays like a $45 yoyo. It’s solid, smooth, stable, small and kind of heavy playing. It’s not bad in any way. For me, it’s not an ideal fit. I’m glad I have one. It is fun. But, it’s not one I really find myself reaching for. Some people love it. It has lots of fans. So, it’s not an inferior yoyo by any stretch, but for me, it’s just not a favorite.

The Dibase… smooth, fast, solid, stable, generous catch zone. Mine is a 2012 CalStates edition, and it ran me an even $50, which was great since I wanted one anyways. It wasn’t the color I initially wanted, but I still like it and I like the color. It includes weight rings, which I am not using. It feels good in the hand, plays amazing and I really like this yoyo.

Between these two, you can tell which one I would go for.