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Im looking for a new yoyo that will play very good unresponsive and can grind I have a budget around 50 and don’t really wanna go higher I was looking at the dv888 any other suggestions in that price range

dv888 is amazing for the price. It was my first unresponsive and still one of my favorites.

Does the dv888 come unresponsive out of the box?

Does the dv888 come unresponsive out of the box?
Very much unresponsive. Typical bearing break-in stuff, but mine came super unresponsive and felt broken in when new.

If you can get 5 more dollars, I think the Di Base is a better choice.

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Yes it should. It may be semi responsive if the bearing still needs broken in. Mine was unresponsive.

I will strongly consider that yoyo

You really should strongly consider this one. And then go buy it.

dv888s are on BST all the time for pretty cheap. i haven’t seen di bases on there, and i’ve never played one so I have nothing much to say about it.

What makes the di base better than the dv888

I have both.
Needless to say, over all quality is so much better
The Dv888 is a good throw,
But the Di Base may be cheap, but plays better than alot of 100$ yoyos.
I like it more than my Supernova.

Dv888 isn’t bad, but Dibase is MUCH more bang for your buck

the di base is awesome it comes unresponsive and has a perfect weight and if it feels a little light it comes with weight rings it is smooth and plays up there with hundred dollar throws i hope this helps