What yoyo should I get?

I have a plastic grind machine and I’m thinking of getting a better yoyo. My budget is $50, but I can go up to $65 if the yoyo is really good. I’ve been thinking about getting a dv888, echo, yyj bimetal-not sure which, shinwoo zen 5, or something from B/S/T. As for my preference- I’m not really sure. I want something unresponsive and sleeps for a long time, but i still want it to be smooth and stable.

Something that sleeps a long time, smooth and stable… sounds like you also need to work on your throw itself, which accounts for MOST of that stuff.

Better is a relative term. PGM ain’t bad.

dv888, it’s OK. It’s not a favorite by any means for me, but I like it, it’s decent, it’s affordable, it’s also undersized.

You can check out the Shinwoo Zens if you want, same price as the dv888 except for one of them.

YYJ Bi-metals just got a bit harder because of the recent price jumps. There’s still decent stuff out there, including the tried and true DM2, but stuff like the Speeder 2 just jumped up $12 in price going from $45 that I paid for mine to $57 for the same thing! Even so, there’s still a lot to choose from.

By going the BST route, you have to choose from what is being made available, but often you get them broken in and ready for serious play rather than having to break them in yourself. You can also get “more for your money” this way as well.

C3 DiBase should be right up your alley. It performs great expecially for the price.

In that price range, I’d be torn between the C3 Di Base and RecRev Oscillatrix. I have heard really good reviews on both, though I haven’t thrown either.

Try one of the God tricks, I’ve heard great things about them and they’re in your price range.

I just got the YYF Boss and it is super stable but quite undersized. It is a really good throw and is around your price range. Good luck!

The Protostar is a great throw. It’s within your budget and is not undersized like the dv888.

Well, I don’t really want a plastic- I already have one. I’m probably going to end up getting an all metal or mabey a bimetal.

DV888 or a Duncan Echo. I have a DV888 and it is really good. I would rather get the DV888 than a Duncan, just because YoYoFatory is more reliable and I like it more than Duncan.

Right now i’m thinking of getting

  1. Di base
  2. Boss
  3. Dv888
    Some yoyos I might consider
  4. Dark magic 2
  5. Duncan Echo
    3.Shinwoo zen 5
    4.God tricks Destiny

The DiBase and dv888 are nice. I like the Dibase a lot better. I like V-shapes.

Of what you’re considering:
DM2 is one of my all time favorites.

I’m not currently considering the Echo. I am considering getting a Shinwoo Zen. The God’s Trick stuff is new here and I’m not overly familiar with them. I did look through there and some of the stuff looked pretty decent.

Di Base FTW

Like previously said, The DiBase would be a great choice. The size is kina in between full and undersized imo and the weight is perfect. C3yoyodesign makes excellent products and are great guys. I just had a DarkStar that stripped and after showing it to Walter Wong(one of the owners), they sent me a DarkSonic in its place. That being said, you won’t regret spending your money on a c3 yoyo. The DiBase is a great performance yoyo for 1a and even learning 3a(if you got another one) and 5a!

Ok, I narrowed it down to either The BOSS or di base. The Boss is more expensive, but it’s made by YYF, and I trust YYF more because I have Another Yoyo made by YYF that plays well. On the other hand, most people say to get the DiBase. However, I’ve never had a yoyo by C3, so I’m not sure If I’ll like it or not.

Congrats on making a decision. Now that you’ve stated what you will be getting someone is bound to try to change your mind. The important thing is to get what you want and for the reasons that make sense to you.

Good luck and have fun with your new yo.

These two yoos are very different in shape. I also haven’t played the BOSS yet but it’s also not a model I am interested in at the moment. This shouldn’t be taken as a negative, just that it’s not a model I am interested in.

BOSS: 51mm diameter, 42mm wide, 65.3 grams, gap not listed in YYE specs, but uses a flat C sized bearing.

DiBase: 52.34mm diameter, 41.34mm wide, 66.9 grams, gap os 4.27mm and uses a flat C bearing.

But the specs don’t tell the full story. The Boss is more of a C shape and has different weight distribution as a result, as opposed to the DiBase, which is a V-shape. I think both are designed to push more weight to the rims, which is why the BOSS shows no spike or post area. This lets them force more weight to the rims. That’s a good thing.

All I will say is that I have the DiBase and I enjoy it. Also, YoYoFactory makes good stuff, so the odds that you will like the BOSS are also very high.

I’m partial to V-shapes, so the DiBase has been a good fit for me. Is the BOSS better? Maybe, maybe not. At the very least, it’s going to be a really good yoyo. It’s going to come down to preferences. I think either way you’ve narrowed your choices down to some really good performers. The rest is up to you now.