New throw


I’m sorta a intermediate thrower/beginner I can bind spirit bomb bong e boing Mach 5 ect. But i haven’t gotten a metal throw / under 55$ dv888 Raptor Echo Metropolis. Any recommendations for me? Thanks


Sure. Any of those. But, have you considered the C3YoYoDesign’s DiBase? It’s $55. For something at $55 and under, this is the one I would choose.

I have the Duncan Raptor and the shape is plain but the performance is good. Be warned, some come with bearings that are full of grease and need to be cleaned out to be unresponsive, or swap with a clean bearing and problem solved. I also have the Metropolis, and this model can be a string eater due to the finish at the outer rim of the bearing seat. If you have this issue, Duncan will replace it. I had this issue, Duncan replaced it. Both of these are very good and the Metropolis plays a bit more advanced to me. For you, that should not be an issue. Outside of those warnings, I have no issues. I don’t currently have an Echo but it’s on my wants list.

The Raptor doesn’t feel budget, but at at price of $40, it plays like it could cost more. The Metropolis does too. The shape and the cups of the Metropolis is better suited to handle horizontal style of play. Both feel have good weight distribution and very nice play and performance. I kind of like the Metropolis better. I really wanted the Raptor and was very happy I got one at the Duncan booth at Nationals 2012, especially since it included the “Nationals 2012” logo caps. Because the Raptor does have caps, they can be removed, which alters the weight, which will alter the performance in a way that you may find to be favorable or not. Worse case is you put the caps back in.

The dv888 is a good yoyo. It’s smaller than the others you are interested in, so do keep that in mind. At $45, it feels and plays like it’s a $45 yoyo. Having said that, it’s still a good yoyo. Being compact and to keep the weight where it is, you’ll notice those really thick weight rings. The yoyo itself may take some getting used to, which is what happens when you move from a full sized to an undersized or to a super-wide or the new over-sized trend(which is pretty neat). The yoyo feels heavy on the string. I personally found this yoyo to not be an ideal match for myself. It is a very common yoyo and it does have people who absolutely hate it, but you’ll find way more people hate it than like it. It’s also good as a “standard reference” yoyo due to it being so common. It WILL get you through pretty much any trick you need to get through.

The DiBase plays like it costs twice as much as the $55 price tag. The V-shape lets it perform any string tricks including horizontal. It has excellent balance, fantastic weight distribution and is very smooth an stable. The stock bearing is good, but you may consider a different bearing if you want a low-cost upgrade down the road. It also comes with rubber weight rings, which in my experience, caused the yoyo to vibe. I prefer stuff on the heavier side, but in this case, I really prefer this yoyo to not have the extra weight on it, it just performed a lot better and with a lot less vibe.

I do not like the YYF Popstar, so I will leave it at that. The C3YoYoDesign Token is very undersized, loads of fun and I really enjoy it. The drawback to the Token is it’s very small and as such, takes some getting used it. Also, due to the lower weight, spin times are reduced but with a good, strong throw should get you through nearly any combos you want. I just issue that warning for people obsessed with sleep time, which isn’t really quite as good of a reference. Another area to be concerned about is the small size won’t tolerate bad throws and sloppy play. Because of those issues, the Token is an excellent trainer that makes you improve your game, and once you have that down, becomes a very enjoyable yoyo.

Other options to consider might include God Tricks. I have 3 I’m especially pleased with. If you want over-sized, there’s the Bounty Hunter. If you want a stepped V, there’s the Destiny. If you’re more into H-shapes, there’s the Cyclone. I’m really liking this brand, and the Bounty Hunter plays really nice. They may be budget-priced, but they aren’t budget on the play side. I don’t think they have anything over $50, but I could be wrong. I’m not checking prices right now, just going off what I think I remember.

Another line to consider might be Shinwoo, with most of the Zen series being in your price range. I don’t have any, but that could change soon.

Leaving the YYE shop presents many more excellent choices. YoYofficer’s Aura, Magic T5(to name just one of many good models) come to mind quickly. King Yo Star’s Bossman is another but it is over-sized and you WILL need to replace the bearing with a shaped bearing(KK, Trifecta, Crucial Grooved,Centertrac all come to mind) for best performance, which will put you over budget.

I don’t see you making any bad choices from your initial list. The good news is that there are more and more models coming out in your budget.

I still feel the DiBase is your best choice. Not because it’s $55, but because of how it performs.


Thanks Again Studio! I’ll check into the DiBase!