Anyone getting one? I love Vashek’s style and tricks, but had no idea he had a signature throw coming out, so unfortunately I’m not prepared to buy one.

Its based on the RockStar, but besides that, I know little :stuck_out_tongue:

I want one, but I don’t know when I’ll be able to buy it.

It’s available here as we speak.

I guess I should’ve said that I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford it.:smile:

This run of the Czech Mate (CZM84VK) is a small prototype run that yoyoexpert recieved as a “pre-release” if you look at the pictures of the yoyo you will notice it says prototype right on it

Uninteresting design. I’ll be passing on this one.


Is it all about looks these days?

From reading the write-up, I’m more curious as to what they mean by “utilizing a new shape and weight distribution than anything that has come before it.”

The yoyo does look kind of typical, but YYF (Or whoever wrote it) doesn’t tend to feed the hype machine.

I saw that and that interested me. We will not categorize it as floaty or solid but something between the two or even something completely different. Maybe I am completely wrong but that would be interesting.

I’ve played enough yoyos to know what I want.

And seen enough CLYW’s??

Well, some yoyos that come out are just plain with plain color. Not many people nowadays want a Duncan Buttreryfly shaped metal colored in 1 color.

People prefer fancy good looking colors that are eye catching and they also like things that are unique and just appeal.

To Links legionaire and others, they don’t want to spend $60 on a yoyo that is not unique.

Reminds me of a protege with less wide rims…

Then what is uninteresting about this design? What do you think makes it entirely different from a CLYW Avalanche besides possibly the anodizing and/or shape? (Basing that question purely on your profile favorite yoyo)

I’m not trying to be rude, so I apologize if the part you quoted settled with you the wrong way. I’m just curious as to why you aren’t interested (or perhaps what you find uninteresting about it). :slight_smile:

I’m one for these straight colors with subtle engravings (explains my love for ILYY, no?).

Please stop generalizing. If everyone preferred extreme yoyos with loud colors, then all yoyos would look like that.
I think it’s plenty unique, it’s just not something that I’d be interested in buying.

I didn’t take it as rude. And I hope you didn’t take my comments the same way :wink:

When I see a yoyo I might want to buy, I, like I’m sure you do, consider many elements. And I tend to be very picky :stuck_out_tongue:
The sharp, straight lines of the Czech Mate’s catch zone along with the small width of the rims (compared to an Avalanche) are a bit off-putting to me.
To me, the CM’s design seems ‘thin’. Now I know that’s open to interpretation, but that’s the first word that comes to mind when I look at it.
Whereas the Ava has these powerful looking rims. And that little ridge gap makes a big deal to break up monotony of the design. As you may imagine, I’m not a huge fan of the Sasquatch. The ridge is part of that reason.

Now the hubs. To me, the hubs play an equally important part.

The CM’s hubs no doubt fit with the rest of the design, but I just don’t care for it. It’s annoying to me, frankly haha.

And of course the colors. I am so incredibly picky when it comes to the colorways on my yoyos. Usually I like solid black, or a splash involving such. Now even though the CM doesn’t offer that (currently), I do feel as though the works perfectly. I feel like a splash or acid wash would complicate it a little too much.
Even though I think red is a great color for the Czech Mate, it’s not a color I particularly enjoy on my yoyos.

And there’s a few reasons why I won’t be buying one. Not to say it doesn’t play good, because I’m sure it does. I can’t imagine VK would have a lousy signature model.

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I think design goes for how the yoyo is built too. I’m sure he didn’t just mean how the yoyo was anodized.

It looks like a general yo entheos combined with a yyf rockstar to me. Im interested, i dig that basic but not organic shape!

My thought is that it look simple. but I like the straight forward construction.

It reminded me a lot o the protege as well. I still have one of those, and I love it to pieces and it has the war markings to prove it :slight_smile:

It was based on the QU4TR0, exclusive to players in EU I think.