Is the cascade a good throw?


No. It’s a great throw.

Just keep this in mind: Compared to many other yoyos, this one is heavily centered weighted. It’s very agile and a bit “floaty” and takes to different side effects better than many other One Drops yoyos.

The cascade is the single best yoyo I’ve ever thrown. I have three. I use it almost exclusively.

The cascade is a very unique yoyo. It has quite a lot of center weight compared to other yoyos, giving it a very unique feel. It can move either extremely quickly, or slow and smooth.

When I first got it, I wasn’t too big of a fan. However, after a few days, I realized how powerful and versatile the yoyo was, and I fell in love.

I’d recommend trying one before you buy one. It’s unique, and not for everyone.

Yes it’s very good.

The cascade is a great throw. It’s very comfortable. Diameter and width is just about perfect. If you don’t like the weight centered maybe you can swap the domes for some ultra lights.

In my opinion the cascade is awesome… That is just me though… I love it… It is IMEO the 2nd best One Drop behind the C2… I love the shape and feel on the string. So unique… How this can’t make a top 50 list is pretty funny to me…

One of my favorite yoyos. Very comforting shape and play.

Oh, I don’t care enough to cause trouble.

The Cascade is a very nice throw. Too wide for my day-day use.


The Cascade is an incredibly unique throw all by itself. Designed to be like a wide throw but plays like a regular full sized. However. It simply cannot come to par with heavily liked competition yoyos. Its more of a “fun” yoyo. Its no where near the best but it does have its own unique characteristics.

Find a friend that has one and try it out. If you like it get it. If not…dont.

When I got mine, I hated it for the first few days. Then it grew on me. It’s my favorite throw so far. Number One. It feels “hoppy”, so it just seems to jump from string to string very easily. It does not spin the longest, or is the most stable, but it just is a very enjoyable yoyo. With my horrible horizontal, it’s good enough.

Love mine!

It is a great throw. Excellent feel on the string and very comfortable in the hand. On my list of top 25 yo-yos it is easily in the high top 5.***

***Top 5 always changes spots depending on my mood. ;D

I loved throwing it. I’m gonna sav3 up for one.

Proabably the only person around who didn’t like it. its just preferance though i"m more of a fan of H and V shaped yoyos that’s why. It is a awesome yoyo none the less.

I love it… Very unique shape. I have mine with the big disk SE. It’s all nickle it’s a beauty.