Gnarwhal, Chief, or Cascade

Hey I wanted to get a new throw and I couldn’t figure out which one to get, Gnarwhal, Chief, or Cascade. If you could post the pros and cons of each yoyo, that would be great. I like long spinning and floaty throws. If you have a different yo-yo that you think is great for me please say so. Just make sure it is around the $100ish price. Thank you ;D

Chief for sure for your preferances!

All three of your choices will spin forever. The Chief clocks in at around $145 but probably fits your preferences best. The Gnarwhal is great but feels a bit heavier on the end of the string. The Cascade sits somewhere in between.

At the $100 price range, I’d suggest a One Drop CODE 2, a Werrd Hour, or a YYF Supernova.


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I say the Chief, definitely. It is long spinning and floaty. It also fits your preferences better than the other two. You could also get the Avalanche, which is closer to your $100 budget than the Chief.

Haven’t tried a Cascade, but between the two CLYWs, the Chief.

Please tell me your playstyle for a better response!

I always thought the Gnarwhal looked cooler, but I guess the Chief is more preferred. If you like wider throws (like me) go for the Cascade. Not sure what your style is though, so it’s a bit trickier. :slight_smile:

The Gnarwhal is an awesome throw! But I wouldn’t call it a floaty powerful spinner. :wink: It’s nimble through the strings rather than “floaty”, and it doesn’t spin nearly as long in my experience.

Not discounting the Gnarwhal as an amazing and fun throw; but they’re different beats, that’s for sure.