Chief, Cascade, or Equilateral? PLEASE REPLY!


I am having a very hard time deciding which one I should get: Chief, Cascade, or Equilateral. I need help. (No offense, but please do not say that I should pick whichever one I want, because that would kinda defeat the purpose of your post.)
Thank you, and again: PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE REPLY!




Any preferences in terms of play style, weight, size, etc.?


(SR) #4

Do yourself a favor and get a Chief. IMO and in many others opinions it is the best yoyo on the market. Save yourself the time and trouble of thinking of which one to buy and just buy the Chief… you will not be dissapointed. Here, I’ll make it even easier.


Chief all the way


played all 3 …



Own all 3…Equilateral.

The Chief is great, but there’s no way I can actually justify the extra $60 it cost in play. Honestly, I couldn’t really justify another dollar because I like the Equilateral better. But, even from an objective perspective the math doesn’t work. You buy a Chief because you want a Chief and nothing else will do.

Cascade is a better match and these two throws are pretty similar in most all ways. The equilateral is just that little bit more extra-wide, so that’s the defining feature between them. I find I like the ultra wides pretty well, but some people might find the Equilateral’s width a bit much. Cascade is already pretty wide.

Either way, the Equilateral is easily the best YYF throw I’ve ever played.


I like a yo-yo on the heavier side, a big gap, and, generally a big diameter. Also, I like the shape of the Chief.


Got all three. 3 different throws, 3 different performance personalities. All great and amazing in their own ways.

Best of luck on this one.

Let me just say this:
CLYW plays like I would expect from CLYW. Amazing, fantastic, I love the stuff.

The Equilateral is performing far above the price break. I mean, I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. YYF makes great stuff too, and is stuff in the hands of many world champions,s o it’s right up there with the best of the best. And the Equilateral is in fact up there with the best of the best. And if that means it’s up there with the AC and Chief, then so be it, it’s that good. BUT, the Equilateral is a different V-shape with different weight distribution. The AC and Chief perform similarly, while the Equilateral is very different.

3 amazing yoyos. That’s all I can say.


Of the three, the Equilateral would probably be your best bet then. The Chief is a great throw but is quite light for the size and the Cascade is slightly undersized.



I recently went to a Air Traffic store and tried a ton of YoYo’s ( Air Traffic is a YoYo store) I loved the Cascade and also loved the Equilateral but did not tried the chief. But out of the ones I tried my favorite is the Cascade. Hope this helps!