OD Cascade

Hey guys! Ok, I’m gonna get right down to it: I’ve wanted a Cascade for a WHILE (I love wider throws, personally), and it’d be GREAT if you guys who own the Cascade (or not, just give an informed opinion) could tell me a bit about it. Oh, and please tell me if there are common problems found with this throw, or any other drawbacks to it, I want to be informed if I’m gonna spend that much on a yoyo. Anyway, thanks a lot guys!

Ok, so pros:
able to go as fast or slow as you want
Nice float
Amazing arm, palm, and finger grinds
Side effect enabled
Amazingly comfortable shape

As you start to throw it, spin may feel a little lacking, but it is just a break in and get used to process.
No thumb grind lip.

So yeah, it is a pretty well rounded throw. I love mine!

I prefer mine with disc side effects. I met a guy who uses ultra-lights, but I let him try mine, he really liked it!

I Rock mine with Code One side effects.

nuff’ said.

why though? What’s so great about it? I appreciate any insight!

It’s really smooth, like melted butter smooth, even smoother than my chief. It plays really nice and floaty but it also has some weight on the string. No IRG though. And the wide bell shape makes it really easy to land those kwijibos or whips or spirits or whatever. You can’t go wrong with any OneDrop (or clyw ;D) just get it and be happy. I’m just saying if you are disappointed with you can come over to WA and stuff it down my throat. Actually both Mark and Paul Dang use it for competitions, Dang has a soft flowy style while Mark has a aggressive style. So it shows how versatile it is. Can go really fast, or really slow. It’s just plain old good.

what’s IRG?

is it Inner Ring Grinds??

Yep! But most people really don’t use or care about them. :wink:

wow, thanks so much guys, for sure one of my next few throws WILL be a Cascade :slight_smile:

N mart over at yoyoskills (he is somewhere else now, isn’t he?) has a very in depth review.
I do believe that this is one of the best yoyos out there. It blends the classic/ organic shape with a more h kinda thing, which i really dig.

ok, thanks man!

And thanks to everybody who has posted I this thread. I appreciate the help and advice, I’m going to get a Cascade!

Tell us when you get it! Maybe even make a review! :wink:

I will for sure! It may be a month or so, but I hope sooner. I’ll definetly make a review, too!