One Drop 54 or Burnside?

I have 110 to buy a new one drop and I am interested in the burnside or the 54. I have a code 1 and 2.

Both are really great. The 54 has a more traditional shape and side effects, so that’s more inline with what you’ve got with the Code 1 and 2. The Burnside is like a no-compromise model, being made in a fixed configuration shouldn’t sway your decision making, as well as the lower price tag. Really, I’m super pleased with the stock side effects shipped in the yoyos and see no reason to change them. At the same time, it is an option that is worth having available.

I have 9 OD yoyos, which include all the ones you have or are interested in. They are all amazing. If you like wider catch zones, Burnside all the way. If you want more side effects options, then 54.

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54 all the way