cant make decision

The genesis and burnside have similar specs and both cost $85.
I know both of them are stable and spin very long,so I want to know the differences between them and decide which to go with.

Actually, the shapes of the Genesis and Burnside differ slightly. As you might have seen from the pictures, for the Burnside, the part between the rims and the bearing is slightly caved inwards, while for the Genesis, it bulges outwards. This creates a different feel during play, while catching and gripping the yoyo, which might help you make a decision.

thanks. I see this point too but I dont know the pros and cons of having that part caved inward (burnside)
and bulged outward (genesis).Can you tell me more about it,maybe the stability,speed…

Ide say burnside but that’s just cause I have a grudge against yyf

Burnside has a pyramatte finish which is pretty grind friendly, most yyf aren’t given a grind friendly finish. I can say the burnside is awesome, but I can’t compare it to the genesis as I’ve never thrown one.