I don't know what I should get yyf genesis or one drop burnside

I like then both but I don’t know what to get

What do you want in a yoyo?

I think both are sort of heavy and solid. I owned a Burnside before, and it was pretty good. Smooth, but not lightningly fast.

Never used a Genesis. I’ve heard it’s good.

I didn’t care for the Genesis, it just wasn’t a good fit for me.

Definitely a fan of the Burnside. I have two of them.

Have you played them both? I get the impression you have. If you can, spend some more time with both and see which one just seems to “speak” to you better. That would be the one to get. Really, that’s the best way to make your decision.

Neither. Go with the One Drop Chik, it is an updated version of the Burnside with Side Effects. Starting at $88 for solid colors makes it one hell of a steal.

Some background, the Burnside was one of my all time favorite yo-yos… of any brand. It just clicked with me. I have not touched my orange Burnside since I received the Chik. It has everything the Burnside had PLUS the customizability of the Side Effect system.

Sorry to throw a monkey wrench in your question. The Chik retails for $88 and the Burnside retails for $85, for $3 you are getting an infinitely better yo-yo.

I thought about the chick but I can’t decide witch one to get the chick or genesis or burnside

All 3 are good yoyos

Pick which one appeals to you more visually and I doubt you’ll be unhappy with the decission