Burnside and chik

I don’t know witch one plays better or witch one to get I can get only one of those so burnside or chik

They definitely play better, and you should get that one!

Yes, get one of those.

Or both.

Or neither.

Get a Classic. They rock!

According to the “High Speed YoYo” review, the Chik is essentially the replacement for the Burnside.

Check out the review, maybe it will loan you some insight on which choice to make.


It’s a great review, and I certainly love my Chik.

Good Luck…


I have both. It is really preference. i like the chik, because it plays lighter and faster. The burnside is a little slower (still pretty fast) and pretty heavy.

CHIK for sure. You just get generally more packed into the yoyo then the burnside, you get grind grooves, low wall for horizontal, side effects. I love mine.