I'm thinking about getting a Chik...


And unfortunately I haven’t heard much about it. I’ve read a few reviews, talked to a few people who own them, but I’d like a final opinion. What is your take on the Chik?

My personal preferences:

  • size isn’t really a big factor. I guess I’d like a yoyo that isn’t too terribly big.

  • grinds? I don’t really do a lot of grinding, so it isn’t really a deciding factor, it would just be nice if it could.

  • horizontal? I’ve just recently “gotten into” horizontal. I would like a yoyo that can not necessarily excel at horizontals, but can handle them, and handle them fairly well.

Ok, so those are my personal preferences when it comes to yoyos… Based on that, will the Chik fit my preferences? Thanks :slight_smile:


I would buy it in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t be trading mine, but the person’s trading me YYR…

I only used the stock spikes with my Chik.

The horizontal is great. Grinds are just Okay, the Pyramatte is kind of overrated IMO. The horizontal finger grinds are pretty good if you use gloves.

Have you ever tried tried a Burnside? If so, think of that except like 3 times better. Then you have the Chik. It’s medium paced, but can go pretty fast, or slow down if you want. It has a bit of float to it, and is stable and powerful.

The Chik is very comfortable in the hand, a nice H-Shape which hits your hand just right. The grooves aren’t too functional, but they feel really nice.

So you should get one.


There are good and bad points to getting one. Of course, they are free in the beginning but every so often they want to go out to dinner or go to a movie, they want you to buy them jewelry and all that. That’s going to end up costing you thousands upon thousands of dollars…

I’d just stick to yoyoing if I were you.


haha I knew someone was going to say something like that. Thanks for proving me right ;).

But in all seriousness, BenM36, thank you for your input. I’m pretty sure I will be copping a Chik sooner or later. :slight_smile:


Lol, i was like “wait, what?” lol

I want a chik too (the yoyo)


Of course you did. I bet you didn’t think it would be so elaborate though, did you? :slight_smile:


haha nope. I was just expecting like, “remember, personality over looks.” or something like that lol.

(M.DeV1) #8

I was skeptical picking up a chik but man do I love it now. It may even be my new competition throw!


really? Awesome! I love the whole look of it, plus Side Effect yoyos are genius, and I greatly look forward to picking one up! Thanks for the input, guys!


Don’t let the Chik frighten YOU… Let it free YOU!

What’s not to love… Burnside’s child with SE and some subtle changes. It’s amazing!


cool! I’ve been hearing a lot about it in comparison to the Burnside. I’ve heard a lot of “it’s like a new, improved Burnside.” too. I heard great things about the Burnside, so I’m looking forward to getting a Chik! :slight_smile: thanks.


Thats what the maker said, he wanted it to be like the Burnside.

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Chik with brass ultralights=AMAZING play!