One Drop presents the Chik!


We are proud to announce the signature yoyo of Igor Korzhev: the Chik!

When we asked Igor what he wanted for his signature yoyo, he gave us
the following criteria:

*Similar to the Burnside
*Add Side Effects and ship with spikes
*Make it lighter
*Add some Projection Profile grooves
*Competition ready

Here is the result:

This is now our largest diameter Side Effect yoyo. The Projection
Profile was placed in the middle facet of the catch zone - just in the
correct spot for finger grinds. The play is stable and smooth.

Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 62.8 grams
Weight with aluminum Spike Side Effects: 66 grams
Width: 41.7mm
Diameter: 56.8mm


Love the weight, guys. A lot of us on the forums who like light throws have been wanting something with a nice mid-weight with non-UL SE’s stock so we can lighten it if we choose! This looks like a winner.


That looks awesome! I really like the burnside so if this is similar and includes side effects, it’s going to be sweet! :o


:o :o :o :o :o :o ;D


Sick looking throw for sure!!! I for one am very excited for this!


Ok, you guys are breaking my bank account.


41mm width for an oversized yoyo is a bit thin to my interest, but don’t mind me because all the yoyos i own are >43mm in width ;D. And 62g in base weight is not pretty… light ;D. Looks good, and i think the same goes to playability. Price?


Did they say the price?


I LOVE the Burnside, so I’ll have to try this out.
It’s not even a full millimeter narrower than the Burnside, so I’d expect it to be fine.

But, yes. What’s the expected price on these?


Looking good. I like it. :wink:

Also, that video. That was a good video.


Why you guys are pumping out interesting throws this year. This looks great.


3 words.
I am so getting this throw!
1 I love the burnside
2 I like around 66 grams
3 I like full sized yoyos
4 Its competition ready
5 Its got side effects

Cant wait!!


The 62g is without the side effects, it’s 66g with side effects in.

Guessing price will be $100-$105 solids, $115-$120 splash.


Absolutely fantastic. So glad he wanted it built around spikes and with customizability from there. Spikes for the win, and the ability to go even nuttier with lightness for the ultimate victory!!

Oversized isn’t something I “typically” go for, but that’s what makes this a touch more interesting… it would be unlike anything else I own!

[edit: oh, 56.8? I still consider that full-sized, not oversized. But it’s a generous size! Am I the only one?]

Now to watch the video…


Looks sick!


Threw it (briefly) at BAC, was definitely my favorite of the the three OD protos I tried.





The trouble with deciding between a burnside and code2 has now been resolved. Yeah, buy all 3, burnside, code2 and now chika chika.


Looking awesome guys:)