Is the Burnside worth the money?

So i’m looking for my first real high end throw other than the benchmark and I came across the Burnside. Is there a better throw out there for about the same price? or better, even less? I would like a full size not too light but not to heavy, although lots of wiggle room in the weight category is good.

The chik is a better option since it’s basically a burnside with side effects

It’s a great yoyo, a bit on the heavier side, but really nice.

burnside or genesis

What Sparhawk said… the Chik!

Burnsude or Chik. Personal Preference of course, I liked both. There are trade offs for both. The Chik being the more solid of the two since it’s narrower. The Burnside is wider and less stable, but I find it more competition ready than the Chik. Of course, the Chik DOES have side effects, but I personally don’t think they’re a big deal.

I’d recommend something from YYR. They’re usually priced way beyond the Burnside, but there are quite a large number of them floating around the BST right now for around the $80-$100 mark.

If I had to choose between the Burnside, Chik and Genesis, I’d take the Chik. Side effects are just fun to muck around with. You’d be amazed at how differently throws will play with the different side effects.


I’ve heard great things about the Chik, but only ever used a Burnside. I thought it was very stable, but a little heavy for my tastes.

Chik is lighter even with spikes, and you can swap those out for UL’s for a further weight reduction. The Chik really is a lovely yoyo.

I’ve used only the burnside out of the mentioned yoyos. I’ve had it a little more than a year and still use it today.