Burnside vs Hour.


I’ve heard wonderful things about both of them, about their stability and long spinning with no vibe or wobble. I really don’t know which one should i get?


Well for one the Hour is a pretty big yoyo, but not too much bigger than the burnside, and it’s cheaper, especially here on YYE at the moment. So I know what I’d be buying right now.

While I can’t speak for the Hour specifically, Werrd make amazing stuff, the other Werrd stuff I’ve thrown has blown me away, and going back to my stuff was depressing in comparison. The closest Werrd I have spent time with is the new EightySix 400, similar shape, but smaller and heavier, and I just didn’t want to put it down. Hopefully once Worlds is out of the way the 86400’s will start making their way to more outlets.


Well the Hour is cheaper, 7075 aluminum, but really big.

The Burnside is more of a competition throw in my opinion.


Chik’s a burnside with side effects for an extra $3.



They play very differently.

have you tried both?


The Burnside has a really nice shape, and is really smooth. It comes stock with a 10 ball bearing. I kinda forgot what I liked about it because I haven’t tried it in a long time :-\


The Chik is WAAAAAAAAAAY better than the Burnside. I would take it over an Hour, too, but the Hour is still fun and floaty, so I guess that’s more preference. The Hour is a great oversized, I like it more than I liked my H5, but take that with a grain of salt because I got a super crappy H5.


^^^ yah, I would get a chik over a Burnside. I might get one as my next throw


There is also more room for customization because of the Side-Effect axle system. That way if it is too heavy for you, you can put Ultralights in there.


How can 7075 alumium make the yoyo better? Can you explain it please.

If you say so, then, if Chik’s quality is 10, then how much is Burnside’s quality?


7075 is higher grade aluminum and plays denser.


Don’t get me wrong, the Burnside is good. If you try a Chik first like I did, though, you’ll be underwhelmed. And the Chik is 6061…