New yoyo?

I’ve had a DV888 for a long time now and i want to get a new yoyo. What would be a good upgrade from a DV888? Thanks for helping out! :smiley:

do you like normal sized or under sized

I haven’t had many yoyos but from what I have i think I prefer undersized. Ive had a yyj x convict, hitman, some random metal from china (fulll sized) and the DV888.

Ive decide that I either want a super g, genesis, or catalyst. I could get one of the undersized versions but i want to try something different.

I have a genisis and my god it’s a freaking beast so smooth, stable and look spin times. Also it has amazing grinding surface… IMO it’s the best yyf for 85 dollars

personally i would look at getting a wooly marmont or maybe a bear vs man. both are a little smaller but bigger than the Dv888. that was my first throw and i went from that to a crucial a la mode and i honestly wasnt impressed. I just tried a MVP nad it was a very smooth throw, i just didnt like the play, a little to light in my opinion.

Ive read everywhere that the genesis is great but what are some of the pros and cons of each?

Ive read some greay things about the one drop burnside. Any opinions?

here are my opinions

wolly marmot
and if you want oversized try cheif or canvas

Can’t say much bout the burnside but I just got a blue grass fade y factor off the bst and my god it is easily the best yoyo I have ever played plays much better than my genisis and it’s sooo smooth if u can find one of those deffinently don’t hesitate to pick one up…as far as the burnside I have herd nothing but great things about it…one drop is a premium yoyo company u cant go wrong with any of the products.

I have heard probably the same things. Mine will be here Monday or Tuesday. I wanted a H shape and I love my Dang…so One Drop again.

I was torn between about 4 different YYF metals (888, Superstar, Avant Garde, Genesis…), and on an impulse I got the Burnside instead. I don’t regret it at all. It is an amazing throw. I had never thrown anything this smooth or long spinning. I recommend it to anyone. I feel like a better player with this yoyo.

I can’t tell you anything about the Burnside, but I can attest to the Genesis… Its incredible…

If you want to reconsider an undersized yoyo, one that doesn’t get alot of attention is the BOSS… Very smooth… My favorite undersized yoyo…

Ive pretty much decide that I want a one drop, but im not sure if I want the burnisde, dietz, or dang. They all seem pretty great, dietz is undersized, dang is full sized, and burnside is just good. So which one?

I just purchased a Burnside but I won’t have it for 2 weeks. No issues, everything between the seller and I is cool, We made this arrangement in advance of the purchase. I also trust the seller and am buying this as I do most yoyos: without having tried one first.
The Burnside lacks side effects, which was part of the initial design, as it was supposed to be a signature yoyo. The guy left but the yoyo lived on. Since it was a signature yoyo, it didn’t need certain things. As a result, the price is a bit lower than a normal One Drop would be.

I just played a Dietz. Yes, small. It’s very angular, but not in a bad way. It just instead of using smooth lines uses angles. It gives it kind of a “futuristic” look, if that makes sense? It uses side effects, played super smooth, was amazingly stable and fantastic spin times. I wanted to get one before because it is a One Drop, but now after playing one, I REALLY got to have one. My MMN is also undersized and I rarely play it, but that’s not because I don’t like it, it’s because I’m mainly using my DM2.

I hope to try a Dang before I buy one, but that will be another to get.

I own and play stuff all over the place, big, small, heavy, lite. My preferences are for the larger end of the full sized spectrum AND on the heavier side of the range. The Burnside fits this niche nicely for stuff on the full size.

I can’t say more than that.

My Dang is smooth a owl snot. I have brass dome s.e.'s on it to make it heavier. It comes with ultra lights and it felt way too light for me that way. I expect the Burnside to be the same smoothness but I won’t find out for a couple of day. It’s on it’s way though. ;D

Ok. My Burnside came in today…and I love it too. Right out the box it felt like the perfect weight to me. The Dang came out feeling too light so I had to add brass domes to bring it up for my liking.

So if you want to save a little bit of Money, get the Burnside. If you want to play with weight and side effects, Dang or Code One (if you can find a 1). Just flip a coin if you must. Either way your good.

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Are the side effects a must have? Or just kinda cool?

It’s just a cool thing to be able to find a weight that works for you. It just gives you weight options. Another thing is if you ever bend an axle, just get another s.e. because that is the axle system.

Thanks everybody. I decided that im going to get the burnside.