best yoyo for $90 or under?


Hey guys! Im thinking about getting a new throw, not very recently though, and I was wondering which to get. I was thinking about a genesis. Also, kinda thinking about a super g because I like the shape a lot. What do you think? Should I get a genesis or some other yoyo? Thanks!


movitation would be my personal choice but considering all the new throws that will be coming out it could easily change

It looks like one drop has a new budget throw on the way that looks awesome so that might be a good choice


What do you guys think about the di base 2?


I like the DiBase 2, but if your budget is $90.00, you can do a bit better. Have you considered looking at the B/S/T? You can get just about anything there for $90.00 and under.

What about a CLYW Chief? Irony? Dreadnought?

Any of those can be had within your budget if you spend a little while doing your own research.


Or even new, within the C3 line-up there’s the Mo-Vitation…!


If the Burnside is under $90, that’s one I’d choose in a second.

Another, probably my top pick would have to be a RecRev Freq.Wav, but nobody has them anymore. Facade is nice too, but the Freq.Wav is a competition beast. It’s like a Chief at half the price, but with all the performance.

The C3 Capless would be a stand-out as well in my book. If the Movitation is around the $90 mark, I gotta get one. I gotta talk to some people I might be able to get a “hook up”! C3 consistently amazes me with their yoyos.

(M.DeV1) #7

Don’t crowd your mind by asking for other suggestions. There are so many options your head will spin. The genesis is a fine yoyo in your price range. I love mine.


The Czech Mate is said to be YYF’s Berserker. That can’t be bad.


I’ve been forgetting about this one because it’s so new, but this is also an excellent recommendation judging by all reports.


It is indeed a very good throw. It has a weird texture to it (almost sticky-ish) that feels like it shouldn’t grind very well, however it actually grinds surprisingly well. I’ve found it to easily out-play all of my throws of similiar price range. It plays (stability and spin wise) as well as a few of my $100+ throws, and even better than a couple of them, which is very impressive considering its price tag.

Its very un-floaty though, so if you like floaty, smooth as silk throws that flow through tricks, it might not be for you.

Genesis is also a solid recommendation as well. Can’t go wrong with a Genesis. =D

Either way make sure you get one that you want and like the look of. If you really like the look of the Super G then I’m sure you will love it a lot more than one that performs better but that you don’t really like the looks of as much. Go with your heart!