Need help picking out the new throw

alright, im looking to get a new throw in the 75-100 range. I wanted to get a little input before i made my selection. I prefer H and V shaped, like the northstar and sr-71. I’m not too big a fan of the C shaped throws…so i’d like to stay away from that. I dont mind undersized throws but i’d prefer to stay around a standard size. So let’s hear it people…what are your thoughts?(and no, i cant just go throw one and see which i like best) ;D

The genesis, g5, and super g are all great H shaped yoyos in that price range. Another amazing H shape is the code 1, which I personally think is one of the best yoyos ever made, performance-wise.

Or if you wait a day or two, the new werrd yoyos should drop. not sure how much they’re going to be, but the irony is v shaped.

Ahh so many to choose from. Haha. I have to agree tho, the g5 is a great throw, even tho I’ve moved on I still throw it everyday. One of the best YYF imo. But if you wanna spend a lil more you can’t go wrong with a code 1. One drop makes AMAZING throws. Also, the Dietz is pretty awesome too, and its an H shape. Plus its got those sweet Dietz side effects.

How is Chico in general?? the new FLYER really caught my eye…and since they’ve just dropped there’s no reviews. I’ve never thrown anything from them…
And i’ve definitely been eying one drop…how hard is it to get them butt ugly caps out of the g5?? haha

H-shape? I mean, if I were to think of H-shape, I’d think of something like the TRVTH or even the TimCor Starfire or the Custom Products Chain Reactor. I mean, those look like an H. To me, an H-shape is pretty much a modified with a BIGGER gap.
Note: I’m SO tempted to get the TimCor Starfire right now… I need something actually H-shape in my inventory! Wish it was $15 cheaper.
The TRVTH: man, that design was so sweet. Simplistic and bad a$$ in the lack of lines. It looked like “yeah, here I am, deal with me”. Too bad it cots $135 and I missed it! But even so, that price was a bit more than I was willing to spend. The Custom Products are nice and inexpensive so for the novelty, I’ll probably go that route. Still, that Timcor Starfire… Sorry, that shape and the color… must have this…

So, is the H-shape any wing with a stepped down in the center from the rim?

I take it the C-shapes are the types with a more bulb-type shape inside?

Regardless, $75-100 range gives a LOT of room to play with. Nice to hear someone is budgeting on the high side to help ensure a satisfactory result.

The Code 1 to me(got one coming in via BST) looks like a deep V to me. I like that type of simple, clean shape.

For me, the 2 basic shapes suffice: modified and wing. I’ll concede to Imperial. To me, most are within those categories.

H shaped just means there’s a drop in the catch zone somewhere. Like on a super G or a g5.
Also the code 1 has that same vertical drop thing, then it goes into the slightly concave V shaped grooved thing.
it’s kinda like a…

_ _
| _ _/ |
| \ / |
| l l |
| / _ |
/ _|

Really one of the best examples of H shaped I’ve seen is a super G. That thing is just… ridiculous. lol
But when I used one, it just felt really good.


THERE’S JUST SO MUCH OUT THERE! I’m looking at the ILYY Void, Chico FLYER, OD Dietz, G5 and RecRev Oscillatrix…those seem to be the throws really sticking out to me. It’s being bought for me as a wedding gift…and i’m always hesitant to ask for the top range item…maybe i’m weird…i dunno
Also, the Irony looks great…its definitely worth waiting to see the price

Edit I originally had my eye set on the Trinity since i am a YYJ fan…still in the running haha ::slight_smile:

I just got the oscillatrix and I absolutely love it! Plays like a dream. Is undersized a tiny bit but is still bigger than the dv888. Longest spinning times of any yoyo I have and stable to boot. I can’t recommend it enough, even if I haven’t tried the other yoyo’s the oscillatrix is cheaper and I can’t imagine something playing better to be honest.

wow , there are a lot of yoyos that fit in your preferences. I can recommend you OD Code1, Super G or throw 10$ more to get SPYY Solaris. These are some great H-shaped full sized yoyo

thanks to all for the suggestions…i bought a trinity and a code1

Congratulations, hope you enjoy them.