So I’m getting a new yoyo and I love love love that shape of the g funk, I was just wondering if there are any yoyos with that same shape

The avant garde 2 looks kinda like that.

The Super G is a larger version of the Gfunk. There is also the genesis and yuuksta, which are also h shaped yoyos. As with the G5. There is plenty of them out there, and by different companies, like the Fury by I love yoyo.

go with what he said. :stuck_out_tongue:

A.Y.C.E by crucial, im diggin’ its H

ILYY Fury! :smiley: 2012 Version is 3g lighter than the past run and there are only 15 of them available exclusively here at YYE. (According to ILYY’s site, the 3g lighter would make it 65g)

CLYW Glacier Express
X3 Zeus is a relatively subtle H and I’ve heard lots of hype on that beauty
Oxygene Ozone is a decent H as well

Hmmm, Preinfalk mentioned some too, and there are more than likely even more. I think the H-shape isn’t super popular, so we don’t always hear as much about them. That or I just miss it all somehow :stuck_out_tongue:

The Square Wheels Royal is one of my most favorite H-shapes.

glacier express FOR SURE

The ILYY Fury is the king of the H-shape

Good to see the support for the Fury and I Love Yoyo. Personally I love the 70g version just as much as the lighter version. And the Genesis. And the Burnside. Go H-Shape!

Code 1 and burnside are nice rounded h wings. So is the NVx by hspin. Those are my faves

can’t go wrong with a Glacier Express or the upcoming Cliff!

I like a blocky h shape. Not very rounded.

Envy or envy 64 then. :P. Really. Those are the blockiest and are awesome.

I’m getting my 2012 Fury for Christmas. So depending on how long you want to wait, I could give you a real opinion on the Fury in a few weeks. :stuck_out_tongue:



If you find a Zeus, DO NOT BUY IT. IT IS PURE EVIL. Contact me immediately so that I can um… Safely dispose of it… In my case. No but actually I have tried a Zeus and it is pretty much in my top10. I’d get it if you can find it if you are okay with the shape. Other good choices are the supernova, and if you like lighter throws a code 1 (if not pop in side effects). I u liked the gfunk the super g is also good I have heard.

Tondo is the blockiest h shape.

Tondo is the blockiest h shape.
True but i dont think he wantes that blocky. But envy or envy 64 are great yoyos just a little more difficult to pick up for a nice price unless your lucky. Most of the time on the BST they are the flaw to love version.