What is your favorite H shape yoyo and what makes it so great?

58g wyyc edition yyj classic

SPYY amplifier

I don’t own any H shaped yoyos, but I think my Code 1 is the closest to that shape, if not maybe it is an H shape.

I think the Caesar counts, and I am absolutely IN LOVE with the shape of that thing, almost as much as I love the smoothed out V shape on my CLYWs (if you don’t know the ones I own, I’ve said it a million times, and I think I’m close to wearing it out ;D )

YoyoFactory Genesis. It’s just so solid, and the flatter rims are so nice in your hands. It spins seemingly forever too.

https://farm4.staticflickr.com/3920/14765069242_69eb1616a9_z.jpgGenesiskojob by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


YYF Genesis - The Luis ones
YYF Superstar 2013 - So good for horizontal
YYF Space Cowboy - Bimetal good ness ;D

I mean H-Shape is just great!


ILYY x OD Sakura SE is my personal favorite. :slight_smile:


The superstar 2013 is the only H shape I own, and its amazing. I use it whenever I’m learning a new trick, I can just start a video tutorial after throwing it and follow along. It spins forever…

Plus its probably the most cost efficient yoyo on this site right now since you get a free protostar with the purchase.

Code 1 is definitely an H. It’s a great one!

As for my favourite: El Ranchero. It’s stylish, plays like a beast, and just “fits” me.

Runner up: various Genesis…es… The 2014 is the one I’ve played the most and I love it.

I’m also vouching for the Genesis, specifically the 7075 Doomsday/Luis versions. Between the rock solid stability, strong spin and great feel in the hand, I can’t really fault it.

The Doomsday Genesis isn’t just my favourite H shaped yoyo, but one of my favourite metal yoyo full stop. Easily one of the most stable, long spinning throws that I’ve personally come across. Love the engravings and colourway as well. :slight_smile:

Also, just for clarification… what are we calling the CLYW Cliff? Granted it has an undercut to it but it looks pretty H shaped to me.

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^^^What Gambit Said^^^

I will also agree with the Caesar being a great YoYo as well.
It certainly surprised me more than I can state with how much I ended up loving it.

Hspin Envy. Weird yoyo, but fun to play wish and probably one of the only “true” h shape yoyos I feel.


Glacier express, it was the first clyw and h shaped yoyo I threw. From the first throw I was hooked and ended up buying it a few weeks later. It was also the first clyw I owned so I’ll probably keep it in my collection forever.

i don’t consider the Caesar to be H shape
My favorite H has the be the zenith.
Just because it’s my carry throw and the best plastic I’ve ever had the honor of throwing.

Definitely the yoyofactory regen long spin times comforterball feel in the hand fast unique material all around great yoyo