Looking for a very specific shape of yoyo...


I’m looking for a yoyo with very specific angles.

I DO want:

More of an H shape, not wide like an x-con. Good examples would be a G5, GM2, etc.

Shape isn’t everything, I also want performance in this, obviously.


Do NOT want:

Rounded shapes (prime examples would be the hatrick, the Dark Magic, Punchline)

It doesn’t have to be exactly that exactly, recommend anything that you think I’d like.

(Johnny rocks!!!) #2

You could get an adjust-O-matic.


Angles like the cut and wedgie? or just V shape?

Void also looks nice.

(Jesse) #4

Definitely a Genesis. It fits all of your preferences and in my opinion, is the best playing yo-yo on the market, and will fit into anybody’s hand.


In your preferences it is the best playing yoyo on the market. I agree with you on the other part, definitely a Yoyofactory Genesis. That throw is so awesome. I use it all the time. :smiley: ;D :wink: :slight_smile:


I will also recomend a genesis.




I’m with you psin. It’s all angles on that one, though I’m not completely sure I’d classify it as a full on H-Shape, but it’s definitely on the right track as far as angular goes.

MVP may be even better in this case.