Looking for a very specific shape of yoyo...

I’m looking for a yoyo with very specific angles.

I DO want:

More of an H shape, not wide like an x-con. Good examples would be a G5, GM2, etc.

Shape isn’t everything, I also want performance in this, obviously.


Do NOT want:

Rounded shapes (prime examples would be the hatrick, the Dark Magic, Punchline)

It doesn’t have to be exactly that exactly, recommend anything that you think I’d like.

You could get an adjust-O-matic.

Angles like the cut and wedgie? or just V shape?

Void also looks nice.

Definitely a Genesis. It fits all of your preferences and in my opinion, is the best playing yo-yo on the market, and will fit into anybody’s hand.

In your preferences it is the best playing yoyo on the market. I agree with you on the other part, definitely a Yoyofactory Genesis. That throw is so awesome. I use it all the time. :smiley: ;D :wink: :slight_smile:

I will also recomend a genesis.


I’m with you psin. It’s all angles on that one, though I’m not completely sure I’d classify it as a full on H-Shape, but it’s definitely on the right track as far as angular goes.

MVP may be even better in this case.