Any ideas?

I’m looking to get a new throw and know what i want it to have but dont know what that yoyo is yet. I’m looking for an extreme h shape with low walls thats relatively light or light playing and can grind. I was thinking maybe a super g or severe but they both look pretty big. diameter wise they are both 2.2 i think. Im thinking maybe something more like 2.1 but for sure something over 2. nothing undersized either i have enough of them.

Dietz is a great yoyo. If you can get your hands on one, I’d bet you’d love it.

plays like a dream, extreme shape, fairly light/floaty, good grinder

G5 has everything you need. but itsnot really light and floaty. kinda plays lika tank.

CODE 1…Oversized, extreme h shape, very floaty, smooth, great grinder, and also has customizable weight because of the side effects. Everything you’re looking for all in one yoyo.

Code 1 for sure. for all the reasons ^ said.

YYF Chaotic! One of the best Undersized H shaped on the market. 66 grams, tons of rim weight, fast, floaty, hoppy and severely long spinning.

Just look at the code 1, you just described it. So go for the code 1 I say.

The chaotic feels slow for me. I can’t push it too much or it kinda tugs cuz of the weight

I recently got a Code 1. I gotta say I’m liking it. I think it’s my only H-shape. I really like the look and feel. I’m still breaking in the bearing. I’d rather have fun playing and throwing it, so I prefer to “break it in” by hand!

I’m having lots of fun with it. I can’t wait to be able to obtain more side effects for it.

My previous main throw is a Dark Magic II. Actually, truth be told, it still is. But I am liking the Code 1. I like the feel over of an oversized throw.

Very cool. I wish that i could actually try one before dropping the cash though because im to a point where i can really tell the difference in my throws and style. Also any thoughts on a super g? I know everyone has yyf stuff or whatever but they havent let me down yet.